March 24- Royal challengers Bangalore topping charts (IPL NEWS WITH GOSSIP)

Bangalore royal challenger tops the IPL rally by beating Chennai super kings by 36 runs. After watching Kings XI Punjab with Chennai ,this match was a total dud .Both team were playing with a snail pace. In the last three over Robin uthapa gave match viewers some treat and took the total to 172.Uthapa with Virat kohli company made 67 runs and made Balaji cry who was jumping up and down as he took J Kalis wicket who was knocked down first time in the IPL.

In between you could see fatso Vijaya Malya who was enjoying with his drink and guy had every reason to smile. When ever camera was focusing him he was putting down his drink and waved to the crowd.It was kind of funny because stars like Shilpa ,Sharukh and Preity who people actually wants to see don’t even do that.Dhoni absence was certainly felt in the match and I am sure guy doesn’t mind the importance.

Today’s Match(24th March)

Kings XI Punjab VS Rajasthan Royal at 8p.m

Till Now

Both Preity and Shilpa are the so called owners of their respective teams. I think their strategy of eying guys with fat bank balance is taking them to places. Shilpa who is seen giving perfect smile even when her team is performing worst is quite funny and proves how fake these people are. At least, Preity shows emotion and girl doesn’t stop flying her team flag until the last ball. She always tweets and motivates her followers by saying that there are more matches to come and that surely makes her stand apart.

Coming to the point, both teams will be dying to register their second win after their slow start. Yuvi is focusing on the game more than his girlfriend’s now I guess. He is aggressive but some time I think it demotivates the other team members as he seems bossy too. But last game with Chennai super king proved again that he is a match winner. Both teams have same confidence and have two most talked about heroes in it.

So don’t forget to catch 2 beauties one with her ex-boyfriend and one with her husband with a spicy game .Also, don’t forget to read tomorrow gossip here .


  1. LOL! This was so funny! I loved reading the part about Shilpa: She just keeps grinning mindlessly no matter what. He team loses a wicket – and there she is with a grin.

  2. buddy…used to luv cricket not so much..thnaks to big money fact, my uncle was test umpire during 70s…this post of course is hilarious…cheers buddy


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