March 30-Sharukh Kolkata knight riders trashed by Delhi dare devils

March 29 -For those who saw the match yesterday would have noticed when David Warner was slowly going towards the pavilion that too at 96.But when the field umpire asked for a third umpire decision the verdict was in his favor. Warner was ecstatic and his joy had no bound and guy completed his century in no time.

Delhi made a total of 177 runs in which Warner contribution was of unbeaten 107 in 69 balls. Delhi has brighten its semifinal hope and Kolkatta is following its last year foot steps. Delhi team was restricted KKR at 137 for nine.

Warner is emerging as a new hero of dare devil and is giving the team a fabulous start nowadays. Gambhir showed lot of confidence and lifted its team spirit where as his senior Saurav ganguly was looking out of sort during the match.

Match today (March 30)

Mumbai Indian VS King XI Punjab at 8p.m (Set Max channel)

Out of form Yuvraj who looks more pregnant must be spending more time inside a temple rather than in the cricket ground. It’s only the prayers which can save them today. Even if they win this match it will surely be a miracle which is going to boost their confidence a lot.

On the other side with their rocking performance Mumbai team looks unbeatable. With their sky high confidence match seems to look one sided. Now its only in Preity hand to make it interesting by showing us some hugs with Nass wadia.I am sure hugging Yuvraj is out of question .this time.


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