Marilyn Monroe Makeup Tips


Marilyn Monroe Makeup Tips

She is unarguably the most well known diva all over the world. Marilyn’s style, beauty and makeup tips are much sought after. The seductive actress was naturally beautiful but right makeup played a big part in making her famous. Her makeup artist was Whitey Snyder and I must say that he was a talented man. The tricks that he used to make Marilyn look prettier were really amazing.

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I have found some simple makeup tips that this Hollywood actress used. It is time you tried these Marilyn Monroe Makeup Tips-

Glowing Skin


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Marilyn’s glowing skin complemented her platinum hair beautifully. Her trick for glowing skin was to use Vaseline under her foundation. This may not be the best trick for oily skin but dry skinned girls must remember this sneaky and cheap trick to get a soft, radiant look.


Full false eyelashes were not for Marilyn. She wore half set of eyelashes just on the outer corner of upper eyelids. This made her eyes look bigger. She also applied mascara on both her real and false lashes.

Eye Shadow

Marilyn used to wear simple, neutral eyes most of the time. Firstly, her eyelids were painted with a white cream eyeshadow upto the brow bone. Then a soft brown eyeshdow was applied on the creases and outer area just below the brow. It gave depth to her eyes while still looking subtle.

Sneaky Eye Tricks

It may seem interesting to most girls that to make her eyes look brighter, Marilyn’s makeup artist used to place a really tiny dot of bright red lipstick on the inner corner of her eyes.

Another interesting trick was to create a ‘fake shadow’. Marilyn’s makeup artist used to draw a small line angling downward at the end of her lower lash line. Her artist used a brown eye pencil for the purpose. White eyeliner was used to fill the gap between her upper lid eyeliner and ‘fake shadow’. It made Marilyn’s eye look bigger and gave her a unique look.

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Lip Tricks

Her upper lip was first lined with a white pencil to give a fuller look. The white line was smudged a bit and powdered afterwards. A red lip liner was then used to line the lips.

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Marilyn Monroe didn’t wear just one lipstick to get her bright red pout. Dark shades of red were used on the outer corner of lips and lighter shades of red went in the centre. A lip gloss was also used in the middle of the bottom lip. A highlighter was used in the cupid’s bow.

Flush Blush

Marilyn Monroe wore only coral or pink blushes. These colours made her look naturally glowing and fresh all the time.

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More Tricks

Marilyn followed the now very popular highlighting and contouring routine always. It made her face look more defined.

Her nose was not perfect naturally so to make it look shorter, her makeup artist applied some blush on the tip of her nose. He then used Vaseline over it followed by powder. This trick made her nose look shorter and more shapely.

Did you like these Marilyn Monroe makeup tips?

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