Marks & Spencer Coconut Milk Body Splash Review


My tryst with body splashes begun waay back…about 12yrs back infact when the only body splashes around were those from Spinz..I remember buying their travel sizes and loving how cute they were and how long the fragrance lasted..But a few months down the road I realised they were nothing but bottles of alcohol (yea, my nose was quite slow back then) but never found a body splash which interested me till I found this one from M&S..


Marks & Spencer coconut milk body splash review+body splash


It comes in a tall, plastic bottle with a spray nozzle with a clear lid which is relatively sturdy. The bottle is light enough to plop into your handbag and carry around. The lid hasn’t become loose within the 1month i’ve had this, but with such products one can’t say right? The minute the lid gets loose, its becomes tough to carry this around.

Price: INR 740


Marks & Spencer coconut milk body splash review+body splash review


Now for the fragrance..I’m not the best at describing fragrances but this product smells amazing! It actually does smell like coconut but not the sharp, rough scent…but rather this is a more rounded fragrance quite comforting as opposed to jarring.

Also, this comes in a clear bottle which avoids the confusion of predicting whether the product is finished or not.


Marks & Spencer coconut milk body splash review+body splash +Marks & Spencer


Now, the best part…this stays on me for about 4hrs…no jokes! It really does…I had no idea body splashes could last longer than an hour or so and this makes this product a winner for me. Rest assured, i’ll be picking more body splashes from this brand once I’m through with this..

Rating: 5/5

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  1. Wow! I keep on learning new things here , body splashes , heard of them the first time !

    Nice review zara , and 4 hrs is indeed impressive!

  2. And tarun thanks for the review on that revlon black shine np , I had seen it on a friends nails and was searching for that color for literally months ! *muah*


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