Marks &Spencers Essential Extracts Coconut Milk Cream Bath Review


Marks &Spencers Essential Extracts Coconut Milk Cream Bath

So, winters have arrived again! I stay in Pune and it is quite cold here too but not Delhi cold so I am quite enjoying this weather. Winters are a time when we can indulge in rich and creamy baths which my skin hates in summers for the icky factor. I do not remember the last time when I repurchased a bathing lotion or cream bath as I get very impatient in finishing a bottle and kind of wait for it to get over so that I can try a new one :-).


M&S Coconut creme bath


So, this time when I saw this at the store, I thought of giving this a try. Honestly speaking, I have never tried any of the M&S skin care or personal care items I thought a cream bath would be a good way to start. So how I feel about it, please read on to know:

About Marks &Spencers Essential Extracts Coconut Milk Cream Bath:

Specially formulated with natural extract of coconut milk, this foam bath will cleanse your skin as you bathe to help leave it soft and smooth.

  • 500ml
  • Contains extracts of coconut milk
  • Made in Britain

Directions:  Pour under warm running bath water and relax in the fragrant bubbles.


M&S coconut bath details


  • Special Size Type:  One size
  • Price: 299 INR.You can buy from flipkart here



M&S coconut bath ingredients


My experience with Marks &Spencers Essential Extracts Coconut Milk Cream Bath:

Packaging: It comes in a see through plastic bottle with a matching cap. I am not a fan of the packaging as I would have preferred a flip cap to control the amount of body wash I pour on my palms; a huge mouth always gives me more product than required. I end up using more than I would have. This may not be expensive but I also do not think that it is cheap enough to be wasted, actually I hate wasting anything per say.

Texture:This is like a light gel, more so a combination of gel and liquid something which comes in between. I like that it lathers a lot as I have this small gripe when it comes to cream baths that they do not lather much. It gives me a clean feeling after use.

Fragrance: I like Coconut smell and this is not like some fake overpowering cheap coconut smell, this is a soothing and light tender coconut smell. But if you do not like coconut smell, it is not a good idea to get this. They have many more variants in this range and you can get the one you like.


M&S coconut milk bath


It lathers well and gives a nice moisturized feel to the skin. One thing which I do not like about cream baths is that they give an icky feel later on and it is hard to wash them off. But this one is good in that regard. It washes off without any effort and also does not dry out my skin.

What I like about Marks &Spencers Essential Extracts Coconut Milk Cream Bath:

  • Is decently priced
  • Smells good
  • Does not dry out my skin
  • Does not give an icky feel after shower
  • Lathers well
  • Available online

What I don’t like about Marks &Spencers Essential Extracts Coconut Milk Cream Bath:

  • I do not like the packaging, it gives more product than desired

I am not overly impressed with this body wash though. I feel for the quality it delivers, it is priced more than it deserves. I don’t know which one I am going to try next. We’ll see :-).

Have you tried Marks &Spencers Essential Extracts Coconut Milk Cream Bath?

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  1. Nicely reviewed Dear 🙂 .. I haven’t tried M&S beauty line – This one looks good but again like many out here – Me too not a fan of the Coconut aroma 🙁 .. I will surely try variants from the range 😉


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