Mascara Hacks For Longer Lashes


Mascara Hacks For Longer Lashes

We often find people struggling with brittle or short eye lashes that do not allow or permit a restricted use of mascara or eye make-up entirely. On the other hand, whenever we see someone with longer eye lashes we wish to have the same.  There are a few tips that could make you feel less bad about having lesser or thinner eye lashes.

Tip 1: Using Baby powder


Dip your mascara wand into baby powder and coat your lashes with the same. Now apply the coat or coats of mascara as you do and you will find yourself having longer and fuller eye lashes. This is definitely a better tip than sulking over others luscious eyes.

Tip 2: Proper Use of Mascara

Another way is to use mascara along with an eye liner in a specific way. First begin with your normal eye liner and apply a thin line on your eye lid. Now use a good quality mascara and put a straight coat. Now apply another coat following it. Let it dry and remove the clumps using a tissue. You will feel the difference.

Tip 3: Choosing the right Mascara

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The biggest solution to have a fuller looking eye lash is to have good quality mascara. Choosing the right mascara takes a simple queue from the volume enhancing effect. There are a lot of famous brands that solve this to an extent. Brands like Clinique, L’Oreal or Maybelline have such products that may help you solve your problem.

Tip 4: Use an eyelash curler

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Using an eyelash curler solves the problem to an extent. It should be used every time you use mascara as it curls up the lashes and gives an illusion of longer lashes. Curling gives an impression of longer eye lashes which not only widen your eye but also make them look longer and fuller.

Tip 5: Use Two colors of Mascara

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Another easy way to have fuller looking lashes is to use two mixable colors like brown and black. Simply put brown mascara and then apply black over it, which would make it look fuller and longer. You may also use the other color in the middle starting with one at the top and then following with the first one to the tip.

Tip 6: Use a clear Mascara before actual application

Experts believe that one of the best ways to have longer and fuller looking eye lashes is to apply clear mascara before using a color. This not only gives you the desired look but also keeps your lashes looking fresh for long. What an easy way! What say ladies?

Tip 7: Use the mascara in Zig-Zag manner

Applying the mascara in zig zag manner gives a less clumpy form to the lashes, makes them separate out and look individually fuller.

Apart from these tips, there is no other possible way than to nourish your eye lashes using treatments like eye lash combs to make your lashes free from clumps, using olive oil to remove eye make-up which would in its turn nourish your eye lashes. The massaging of eye lashes using Vitamin E rich oil can also help a lot in improving your eye lashes growth. Also, one should remove eye make-up as a mandate and not forget to cleanse the eyes specifically as this saves a lot of harm the chemicals could do the eye lashes.

Have you tried these mascara hacks before?

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