Massage with coconut and white hibiscus flowers for strong and shiny hair


Its just been a month in Hyderabad and I am amazed with the city.People are so humble and always ready to help.I have made many friends in my building and women here are extremely talented and intelligent. They have thick black hair and they give the credit to the regular coconut massage.


I met my husband’s friend wife Ritika who have been living here since five years.She told me about a herbal remedy which people of Hyderabad follow and call it as there secret recipe.
Here goes the recipe
Get some white hibiscus flowers petals and add them in coconut oil.Heat the oil for 5-10 minutes till the coconut soaks the flower juice and store it in a air tight container till it is cooled down.Place the container under the sun for a week this will make the oil more effective.Filter the oil with the help of a sieve and massage it on regular basis.
Regular massaging of the oil will make your hair smooth, strong and silky.I have already written some of the amazing benefits and uses of the flower click> here to read about it.
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  1. i've seen hibiscus work……… of my keralite friends' washes her hair with hibiscus concoction and she has long,black,heavy hair. I've been too lazy to try it…. 🙂

  2. OMG!!! I wish I can get this flower here. Will search for it. Thanks for sharing the tip Anamika. BTW, I am still gaining strength to put sesame oil on my head, the smell is really pungent. But, will try that for sure.Have a great day ahead.regardsShiva

  3. @Yuvna-It is so popular here that almost all women use [email protected] Shiva-Sesame oil is really pungent so add olive oil in it so that it becomes bearable.Thanks for passing by.Have a great day ahead:)

  4. Hi Anamika,Thanks for the wonderful hair recipe.I have always heard that hibiscus is extremely beneficial for hair but never knew that white hibiscus flowers can be used also.This hair recipe is very easy for me to prepare because there is a white hibiscus tree in our garden.I am going to ask my mother to help me prepare this.In fact I am extremely eager to use this.

  5. hi anamika..i want to try this but am confused whetherr we should use red or white hibiscus…i have read few posts somewhere it is red hibiscus

  6. hii…. dis site s just awesooommee…nd my first query… i just hv a doubt.. shd v use dried leaves nd flowers or can fresh ones be used 🙂


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