Mathri Recipe – Wise She Weekend Treat


Making mathri was a regular ritual in our home .I miss my mom, she cooked  food so much. (One of the drawbacks of living away from family after marriage 😛 ) so this time I made few things on Holi which I was not able to post on the festival because was too busy enjoying them 😀

These mathri are easily available in Bikanerwala and HaldiRams but they are really heavy for the stomach  and made in ghee therefore I prefer making the less fatty version at home.

Zee asked me to share the recipe and I am glad she is the person who is pulling me back into the weekend treat..Love ya Babes !
Ok! So lets march into the recipe:D (Sorry! it’s the LOTR affect.I am watching the last part :P)


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2 cup Maida (Wheat flour/Atta)
1 th cup All purpose flour  (Ideally people use 2 cup maida and 1/4th cup semolina/Sooji/Rava) but I skipped the Semolina here)
1/8th tsp Baking Powder
2 tsp Salt
1/2 tsp whole Black Peppercorns (coarsely grounded)
2 tblsp Curd / Plain Yogurt
7 -8 tblsp warm Water
5 tblsp melted Oil (Refined oil/You can use ghee here if you want )
Oil for deep frying(Refine oil)



Method & Preparations :-

  • Step1 -In a bowl mix both the flours, salt, pepper and baking powder.
  • Step2– Add ghee and rub the flour thoroughly so that all the ingredients gets mixed.
  • Step3 – Mix curd and water and with the help of mixture  make it into a thick paste.Paste should be tighter than normal roti dough which we make.
  • Step4 – Cover the dough with a damp cloth and keep it aside for 30 minutes.
  • Step5 – Divide whole of the dough into lemon ball and make small chapati of it with a roller.
  • Step6 – In a large frying pan add oil/ghee and deep fry the small chapatis/rotis. Before frying them with help of a knife or a fork prick it into the chapati.Fry these in small lots and take them out when they are  little reddish brown in colour.
  • Step7– Drain these out on a paper towels.
Enjoy these with tea or some pickle 🙂
Store them in an air tight container .They stay fresh 3-4 weeks easily.

I also made Dahi Vada (Recipe here )

Have you tried making Mathri ?



  1. Luv u too babe! M gona book mark this 🙂 they luk so ymmy..I think u shud parcel some t me.. U kno, just so I can get a better idea 😉

    Btw I thaought maida w al purpose flour.. 🙁

    • I am not a bad cook ..u are always invited to my place.. it will be so much fun ..talking about makeup ..getting it done by you..learning from you 🙂 we will call Rash also with her stash 😀

  2. I am confused with ingredients
    Do we need wheat flour or just only maida
    Please clear me so I can cook
    2 cups wheat flour and 1 cup maida????


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