Matrix Biolage Hydra Therapie Hydra-creme Intense Moisture Masque Review


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Matrix Intense Moisture Masque/ Matrix Hair Masque


What Matrix product  claims: –

It infuses nourishing moisture into dry, rebellious, over stressed hair with a special complex of silk amino acids, wheatgerm oil and botanical extracts of lemongrass, algae and sage. It improves elasticity, minimized porosity.
Suitable for normal to dry hair

  • Size: 392 gm
  • Price: Rs 300-400/- approx (my apologies, but I got this around a year ago so I don’t remember the exact price)

Matrix Biolage Hydra therapie intense moisture masque review

How to use creme intense Moisture Masque

Apply to clean, damp hair. Distribute evenly, section by section and massage. Leave for 15 min with or without heat. Rinse thoroughly.

Hair product reviews + Intense moisture for hair


Ingredients  of Matrix Biolage moisture masque

: It has a very long list of long chemical names.

  • As per the internet, Silk amino acids give the skin a very soft and velvety feel when used in a cosmetic product, and have some excellent water-binding properties i.e. they retain moisture. Hydrolyzed from pure silk fibers, silk amino acids have a lower molecular weight than silk protein powders and are penetrating and moisturizing to skin and hair. So basically they become a part of the hair(as far as I can understand).
  • Wheat germ oil is extremely rich, unrefined oil. It is packed with vitamins D, A and E, and is rich in protein.
  • Lemongrass is extremely beneficial in healthy scalp care, stimulating healthy circulation and hair growth , preventing the development of bacteria, and alleviating skin/scalp rash and providing intense moisture to the hair.

Matrix hydra creme moisture masque review +Matrix products

  • Sage: dandruff control
  • Algae extract help in retaining moisture

My experience with Matrix Hydra Therapie Hydra-creme Intense Moisture Masque


I consider it a very very lucky day for my hair, when the salesman convinced me to buy this. Really ladies, this is the best thing I have ever got for my hair. It is a dream come true for dry hair. This masque is the easiest deep conditioning, you can do at home. Please bear with my going all excited about this. I have dry and curly hair which I got rebounded few months back. I have been using this masque since last year twice a month normally . It delivers everything it promises. I massage it for five minutes , all over the scalp and hair till root , then put on a plastic cap and wrap hot towel. Then rinse thoroughly after one hour or so. Or I massage it at night, cover with a plastic cap then go to sleep. In the morning, I take a little bit more and massage the scalp and then hot towel. The lady at the salon told me this method. Both of them work nicely.


My hair after using matrix hydra

What I liked about Matrix Hair Masque  

  • Light, creamy texture so easily spread and literally disappears in hair .
  • Awesome fragrance. Mild floral. Lingers till I wash the hair next time (when I don’t shampoo)
  • Easy to use.
  • Reasonable price. It’s been almost an year and I have still some left.
  • So many good natural ingredients like wheatgerm oil and botanical extracts of lemongrass, algae and sage.
  • It totally moisturizes the hair, which was the main thing I wanted from it.
  • Works like magic on hair. The hair becomes so soft, shiny (as you can see in the photograph), manageable and healthy.


What I did not like about Matrix Hair Masque

  • Contains parabens
  • Contains lots of chemicals which could seem a problem to some.
  • Availability can be an issue since it’s either available at the matrix salons or very few stores.
  • Comes in a tub so not hygienic. Though I don’t think putting so much product in a tube would have been feasible so basically they didn’t have any other option. But still….

Verdict: it’s a very good product. I have a certificate ahem…. Ahem….. Whenever I get a haircut or when I got rebounding done, every time the hair stylist says that I have very healthy hair. Though I should also tell you that I oil my hair regularly and use egg sometimes but still this is a product which gives results every time.   So I am going to keep on giving my hair this treat.

Rating – 4/5( deducted one point for lot of chemicals )

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  1. Out of the two methods( one the 15min method and the other overnight method) that you use , which one do you mostly follow and effective?

    • hi, the night one gives little better result. the salon lady said that in night when you are relaxed then the product works better. but the only thing you should make sure is that in the morning, apply lil more and then do hot towel because as the masque dries and makes the strand lil hard . first time when i used this overnight method, i forgot to appply some more and hot towel in the morning so it took a lot of time to be washed out.

    • hehe actually Ashu has already got re bonded hair so i am sure she doesn’t mind more chemical on her hair when it is working for her..

      by the way Ashu u got re-bonding done three times :O

      • ya right anamika. actually this chemically loaded thing is working veryyyyyyyyyy nicely for me so i am not gonna leave it… 🙂 i got rebonding done only once . why did you think i had it done thrice ??

  2. Ashu, really nice review..i also wana try this..i’ve used the serum but never the masque…

    btw, how do u manage to maintain ur hair so well even after repeated rebonding? any other nuska?? 😉 My hair is very weak but curly and i wana straighten them or rebond but i always change my mind for fear of going bald!

    • hi zara, the thing is i only got rebonding done once. as anamika said after rebonding lots of money goes on those salon shampoos conditoners etc. i truly believe in natural nuskas . so the first thing i have been doing since forever ids oiling with olive oil, badam oil and herb induced oil etc atleast twice a week. then i use egg, hibiscus leaves, methi, aloevera whenever i can . so you ca ntry these. :laugh:

  3. hehehe i should know this Ashu ..because i got rebonding done from best of the saloon ..used all the best of the products monthly hair care costed me some 3000 bucks and still i landed up losing so much of hair

    • wowieee! just post care costed that much? and m so lazy to do all this…i shud keep away and forget about straight hair i gues..

      • may be i was wrong ..i use to get this deep conditioning method done from l’oreal of Rs 1100..and then their shampoo and masks were of rs800 that time and serum too.
        but matrix is a affordable range of L’oreal so it wont be that expensive

        • phir bhi..i guess one has to be regular with the post-care which m too lazy t do..i guess i have to make peace with my crazy maggie noodle hair..

            • i hav curly hair but its so irritating..whenever i try to do anythign with it there will be those usual tiny wisps of hair which escape and make me luk lik ea bhootni..and alternately when i do straightning my hair becomes so flat that i cant do anything anyways without hair spray…so ive left trying to do anything with my hair…but once in a while after reading posts like this the ‘umaang’ for straight hair rises to the surface once more 😉

    • rebonding ..old method of straightening..damage to hair is more even with after becomes straw textured.hairloss is more.

      smoothening/straight therapy r latest..neutralizer is applied over hair..kept for 25 min,washed and ironed and again neutralizer is applied for 20 min..washed and blow dried..voila ur hair is baby soft,smooth.
      damage is minimum and with proper hair care we can reduce hair fall.

  4. Good review :yes: :yes: … i think i should purchase it :-/ :-/ … coz my hair are too rough and fizzy…if i go out with open hair it surly ruin my all fun. 😥 😥 😥 i left with lot of tears when i comb them :idk: :idk: :shame:

  5. grt review

    i got my hair smoothened by matrix opti smooth method 4 days back.
    this method i choose over normal rebonding/straightening becos it doesnt make ur hair poker straight but gives a blowe dried staight look with went for the final wash at salon and got it trimmed.looks fab and stays like this for a yr atleast..
    3 yrs back i got swarzkop straight therapy ans stayed that way over a yr.
    the salon girl used biolage shampoo and condtioner .

    here its costing 1200rs 500ml shampoo and 1200rs 500 ml condi..
    good i dint buy it.. wud come to india and get this.

    thanks ashu for the review :-))

    • Hey Vidhya..just wanted t kno a bit more bout this harmful is it for the hair? I have alot of hairfall whenever i straighten my hair and it grows back really slowly..

      i hav curly and sorta frizza hair too.. 🙁 And also, how much did this procedure cost u?

      • hi zara
        the process i answered in maneesha’s.
        yes it chemical process which neutralises ur hair structure.take care well of ur hair nothing wud happen
        actually straighteners and blow drying is more damaging than this
        after this u need not use any one of above mentioned tools.
        hair stays soft smooth and straight
        newly growing hair depending on ur original hair wus be curly/wavy..mine is kinda straight in the roots and as it goes down becomes curly and frizzy
        donot use too much oil massage on hair imm after this process.can use deep condi or spa..after 2-3 months start oil massage..
        it costed me 6000 inr..shampoo and contioner is separate

  6. I got this a couple of months ago but was too lazy to use it regularly..after this review, I am so gonna use it twice a month religiously!! will post before and after pictures if it works this well!! :dance:

  7. Ashu thanks for the review, your hair is truly gorgeous.
    I want that sleek healthy look, would like to know you haircare regimen for sure ?:-) .

    • hi, it provides moisture to the scalp so massaging is nice. i didnt have any problems. actually i just followed the way deep conditioning is done at salon.they massage the product all over. so…. 🙂

  8. Hi, How often is it advisable to use this pdt. I was sooooo impressed with this review that I bought myself one but now I am wondering if I should just try the 1 hour method or the night method! Should the hair be damp when you apply the masque??

    • HI Malini …

      its all up to you and yur hair requirement to use the product..some time when i feel my hair is serverely dry i put it some for 4-5 hours or overnight and when i have used it 3-4 days back then i use it just one hour..
      and yes i do damp my hair bit before applying it 🙂 hope u enjoy it ..also if u have oily hair then u don need to put it for overnight i believe. i hope u got what i am trying to say 🙂
      God bless:)

  9. i want to buy a Matrix Opti Straight Japanese Hair Straightening Cream….where can i get this product in bangalore ???????????

  10. Hi, I’ve been a silent reader of wiseshe for quite a few weeks now and am in absolute love with it… :heart: :heart:
    I had straightened my hair last September and I’m having split ends and a bit of an increase in hairfall.. 😥 😥 :-(( :-(( …my hair is soft,but due to pollution of Kolkata, whenevr i go out, my hair goes haywire!!! 😮 :-(( :-((
    I’m looking for a nice hair mask…should i use this or shud i use L’oreal Hair Spa Nourishing Cream Bath??are the home-made masks like banana masks more effective??Please do help!!

  11. haiii all i m new to wiseshe…i love :heart: :heart: it… reading so many articles i got to knw abt the producst i want to buy really thnks fr so much info…btw i m bit confused btween loreal n matrix masks could u plz suggest me vch one to buy mine is dry hair thanks in advance cya!

  12. haiii all i m new to wiseshe…..I LOVE :heart: .. reading so many articles i got to knw abt the productS i want to buy thanks GR8 INFO…btw i m bit confused btween loreal n matrix CREAM BATH could u plz suggest me vch one to buy mine is dry hair thanks in advance cya!


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