Matrix Biolage Scalp therapie Anti-dandruff Shampoo Review



Hi beauties 🙂

After a long time I’m reviewing a product, which is my current fav.and my hair are loving it. It is Matrix Biolage Scalp therapie Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. I don’t have (or had) dandruff, but unfortunately I had to buy an alternate shampoo to deal with the “gift” Biotique Bio Margosa Dandruff Expertise Shampoo gave me :reallypissed: , yeah you’re right, it gave me horrible itchy scalp and dandruff from the very first use. Can you believe an anti-dandruff shampoo giving dandruff instead of removing it ??
Anyways I’m here to review This shampoo, which came in as a knight in shining armour to save me from dandruff !!
Matrix Biolage Scalp therapie Anti-dandruff Shampoo


It’s quite difficult to lay hands on matrix biolage stuff here, but my friend got it for me from a matrix salon near her home :yippee: So this is my first biolage stuff, and I pray that any online website reads my request -:) Please try to store Matrix Biolage Hair care Products !! :pray:

About Matrix Biolage Scalp Therapie Anti Dandruff Shampoo:-

Matrix Biolage Scalp therapie Shampoo

  • Price: INR 190/-
  • Quantity: 200ml
  • Shelf life: 36 months from date of manufacturing


Matrix Biolage Anti-dandruff Shampoo

My experience with Matrix Biolage Scalp therapie Anti-dandruff Shampoo:-


Packaging: I loved the packaging, simple and easy to use. The flip top cap is easy to open, not too tight or loose. Its travel friendly too.
Matrix Biolage Shampoo


  • Price Vs.Quantity: I always thought matrix is a specific range, hard to buy, and only available in salons. But once my friend got it, I was happy to see the price, 200ml for Rs.190/- is too good. It would easily last for a long time, but of course usage depends from person to person.
  • Texture: The shampoo is white pearly in color, and texture is just right :yes: . I usually dilute the shampoo in some water before using it, and it works just fine as it would without diluting. This way I use the product optimally and it lasts me for a long time. It lathers well like any other shampoo does.
  • Fragrance: The shampoo’s fragrance it little citrusy, not too strong or too faint. On my hairs, the fragrance vanishes after 2-4hrs.
  • Efficiency: This shampoo worked greatly in removing the dryness/flakiness I got from the biotique’s shampoo, I’m sorry but I have to compare the two. The product’s efficacy is proved in two ways, firstly I stopped using the biotique’s shampoo and my dandruff stopped, and then I started using matrix biolage, my hair became soft, shiny and my scalp is in definite good form. I have been using this shampoo since last 2months and I’m loving it. Clear-cut a worthy shampoo for people suffering from dandruff !! Must Try at this price :yes: :yes: :yes: My scalp is not dry, not oily, just healthy :soldier:

Would I recommend ? DEFINITELY !! After suffering unwanted dandruff from Biotique’ Bio Margosa Anti-dandruff Shampoo (take it as a warning) , this shampoo worked wonders for my hairs, purified my hairs, restored shine, and healthy scalp !!

Have you tried  Matrix Biolage Shampoo  ???

Godbless !!

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  1. Matrix products r quite nice na? and so effective…

    i too thought thy were too priceyinitially….but they r actually quite easy on the pocket…

  2. Just what I needed. Thanks 4 the review.
    Mumbais weather n buildings bore well
    Water gave me severe dandruff.
    Got to get it tomorrow…

  3. I have used this shampoo and it works well…me currently using Lush Sylvia stout and tats quite nice as well..however I am yet to find my HG shampoo

  4. upsi swtheart mast review :-)) me too luv matrix.. specially deir biolage mask :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

  5. i used the matrix smooth one for more than 2 years but then suddently it started to irritate my scalp and made it hairfall!!! then i tried other as well but no rescue …then switched to SLS free and now I am happy…
    if SLS is not an issue for you then I think its the best professional shampoo and very easy on pocket

      • Zara I use the TBS rainforest one. It takes time to wash you hair with that. So if you hurry, then either your hair is not washed or the shampoo is left on the scalp and hence might cause irritaion. All other shampos just says its SLS free but you will find some sulphate in that for sure. You cannot fool a +2 chemistry :guns:
        let me know if you find something better

    • Me also used l’oreal shampoo first it was ok. then suddenly, not only did my dandruff come back with a vengeance, :weep: my hair is falling in clumps. 😥 , i have long hair n all i have to do run my fingers through it n i see hair everytime :pain: :pain: i m hoping biolage’s scalp therapy help out else i m gonner!

      Thanks to the reviews here, i got the best suncreen(lotus) for my extra oily skin n now i dont look like an oil well. :-)) Thank u!

  6. i used the matrix smooth one for more than 2 years but then suddenly it started to irritate my scalp and made it hairfall !!! then i tried other as well but no rescue …then switched to SLS free and now I am happy…
    if SLS is not an issue for you then I think its the best professional shampoo and very easy on pocket

      • ooohh is it :tap-dance: I will get the mask fr sure Zara
        I am looking fr a good hair mask n was kind of eyeing sthng frm Lush – my 1st Lush product 😀
        I used Henna for conditioning bt nw noticed it’s drying my hair in-spite of oiling
        so now stopped Henna n will b into hair masks
        thnx dear fr lettng me knw

  7. Me too have dandruff….. 😥 …n i have been using lots of anti-dandruff shampoos….at present iam using the VLCC wala anti-dandruff shampoo…..but its even not working…… :pain: ……..after this review…iam thinkng of tryng matrix…..thnx upasana…. :-))

  8. @Navneet

    I too had dandruff n tried shampoos frm VLCC to Jovees to Matrix to Loreal but results were temporary. nly wn i consulted derma, my prob has fully stopped..phew! :sweat:

  9. no wrong in comparing with biotique they are dandruff creators(all biotique shampoos!)…worst shampoo i have been through..happy for you.. 🙂 thinking of buying matrix biolage shampoos


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