Matrix Deep Smoothing Masque Review



Matrix Deep Smoothing Masque Review


I remember sometime back there used to be a TV commercial where a celebrity used to say that no matter how you style your hair, at the end of the day it is bound to look like a bird’s nest. Whenever that got telecasted I used to think that my manes are no different. Every time de-tangling hair used to be so difficult no matter what hairstyle I try. Next time when I went for a haircut I discussed the same with the stylist and she suggested me to use hair masque to repair the texture of my hair. Then from one detangling product I jumped into another and finally found this. Keep reading to explore the product.


Matrix Deep Smoothing Masque Review


About Matrix Deep Smoothing Masque:


Matrix Deep Smoothing Masque description


Price: 470 INR for 490g

Smell and consistency: The fragrance is not like chemicals rather it is very fresh and appealing to the senses. It has a thick and creamy consistency.

Packaging: This comes packed in a huge and bulky tub so better scoop out the product required instead of digging the masque with wet hands. Also one needs to transfer the contents into a different container while travelling.

My Take on Matrix Deep Smoothing Masque:

As per instruction this is to be used after smooth therapie shampoo for best results yet I skipped that and used my regular shampoo. After shampooing, I towel dried my hair as directed and then parted my hair into many sections and applied it evenly on the length. For better absorption of the product one can also use a wide toothed comb to detangle the length very gently before making sections. The masque due to its thick consistency may be a little difficult to apply evenly but after a few uses one gets used to it.


Matrix Deep Smoothing Masque


It is always better to transfer the quantity required in a plastic bowl or something instead of handling the bulky tub with wet hands. After a small wait of 15-20 minutes I wash it off with cold water. Although the masque does not have a light texture yet washing it off is not difficult at all. It needs the same efforts needed to wash off a normal conditioner. At the time of rinsing only hair starts feeling softer than ever before.

Hair feels softer and smoother post usage as claimed. In fact they look so well maintained and shining that seeing this kind of drastic change in your hair texture people will ask you if you have got a hair spa done. Now coming to the best part- tangles are nowhere to be found. The fingers run through my hair like a dream and styling hair becomes easier than before. I have used this after applying egg mask and it added both volume and shine to my hair. Even it compensated the dryness that henna leaves behind. Now I skip conditioner and use this thrice a week after head bath. The effect stays for at least 3 days and till then hair is easy to detangle and they smell great too.


Matrix Deep Smoothing Masque swatch


Summing it up:

What I like about Matrix Deep Smoothening Masque:

  • Excellent as a hair masque
  • Smoothens hair as claimed
  • Removes tangles
  • Calms down frizz
  • Hair becomes softer and shinier
  • Great for hair spa at home
  • Effects stay for 3 days and more depending on hair texture
  • Affordable
  • As directed it can be mixed with serum for deeper smoothening
  • Can give better results when used along with shampoo and serum.

What I dislike about Matrix Deep Smoothening Masque:

  • Nothing

Overall verdict:

In all this is recommended to girls who are fed up of struggling with hair products to combat dryness and make detangling easier every time. This improves hair texture, keeps frizz at bay, hair looks softer and shinier than ever before. This is highly recommended and looking at the huge tub I think at least I need six months to finish this up .

Wise she rating: 5/5

Have you tried Matrix Deep Smoothening Masque?

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