Matrix Opti Care Smooth Straight Serum Review


By Mamta, Matrix Opti Smooth Serum –

This Matrix serum was advised by my hair dresser and since then I have been an addict of this hair serum.Let me tell you about my hair texture before I move ahead with the serum review.:)I have straight hair but they are not smooth and on top of it  they are dry too.I take deep conditioning of loreal once in two month as the head massage which is given by my hair dresser keeps my scalp dandruff free.With this I also find my scalp little weak when I touch it.I don’t know how to explain the feeling but  whenever I get the treatment done my scalp feels strong and relaxed.

Getting this done every fifteen days or in one month do not fit into my budget and that is why I picked up Matrix optio care serum and Forest essential olive oil to do the hair conditioning at home

  • Product – Matrix Opticare Smooth Straight Serum
  • Benefits & Features – Contains a light, non-greasy formula that wont weigh hair down.
  • Instantly smoothes frizz and flyaways.
  • Seals split ends and repairs damage in the inner layer of the hair.
  • Matrix Sleek Look Sealing Serum, fixes frizz at the cause. This wonder serum is concentrated to repair the hair shaft and keep split ends at bay. Matrix Sleek Look Sealing Serum leaves hair ends smooth, leaves behind a glossy shine and light control.
  • Price Rs 350 for 100ml
    Matrix Opticare Smooth Straight Serum
    Matrix Smooth Straight Serum

    What I liked about the product

    Price –350 for 100ml is pretty cool and I have been using it almost every day for one month .

    Consistency – It has light consistency and products make my hair feel as if I don’t have anything on my hair 😛

    Moisturization – It smooth ens my hair and makes them look more straight.Reduce tangles and sometime I skip my conditioner and use this and still my hair feels silky :).It adds shine to my hair and it is effective on re bonded or chemical treated hair.

    Split ends – I don’t suffer from split ends problem this might be because of regular trimming and hair conditioning so can’t really say anything about it.

    Matrix Opticare Smooth Straight Serum price in India

    Packaging – Transparent packaging with a screw lid which is travel friendly .

    Matrix serum Best hair smoothening serum in India

    It was so difficult to swatch it because the serum was running down here and there :P.You can see it is almost like water.

    Matrix Opticare Smooth Straight SerumFragrance – Most serum fragrance irritates me or give me headache but this one didn’t .It keeps my hair smooth with no greasy or oily feeling and my dry unmagable hair are now managable again 🙂

    Rating – 4/5

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    1. I used this. But it did not make much difference to my hair. Smoothened a little bit, but no silkyness. An average product for me. The bottle is simply lying in my shelf since months 🙁

    2. I used this. But it did not make much difference to my hair. i dont knw how i use this product .is this product work on wet hair or dry hair pls mail mee

    3. this product is ok but when wash hair n we apply on it the product is working for 4 to 5 hours maximum and next day hair was continuos same so can u tell me how many time to use this n this product is safe or harmful or can i change the product bcoz hair is so damaged

    4. Some one has given me one bottle which is over now i am searching this matrix opti care hair serum in chennai but seems no shop is having this. Can some one guide me please where i will get this in chennai.

    5. Hey,,
      actually i cut down my hair to grow it longer n healthier..
      Have started aplying it after conditioning.. Will it able to help me out… ??

    6. HI I have done shreightning my hair in month of may but now my streighting is looking dul so can u please tel me how to use matrix serum on my hair i want my hair look streight apways please help me for this and tell me how can i use


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