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I need some help in getting a matte Blush. I am not that much into makeup. But want to gift some products for my friend for her Bday. Can you suggest me an non shimmery daily wear blush under 500. My friend does not like any thing with shimmers. I read many reviews to find about some good blushes but I cant confirm whether they are shimmery or not. That is why this mail. She has normal skin and dark complexion. Also suggest some shades that I can get. Hope you reply.

Thanks in advance



Matte blush suggestions

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  1. ana thanks a ton for posting the query. Thanks all for your suggestions. Can you also tell me whether cosmic rose is shimmery? can it be used for everyday use? How about lakme cheek artist?

  2. am not sure abt lakme cheek artist but u can use maybelline’s blush which is in a pressed powder form…it has very very light shimmer…ppl cant even notice it….u can give it a try….try to swatch it on the hand before buying using a tester…so tht u can see how it looks

  3. Colorbar and faces 🙂 Colorbar has cosmic rose and fuchsia while faces has lighter brown and peach based non shimmer shades 🙂 Haven’t seen pink shades in Chennai 🙁

  4. hi i recco Jordana blushes, they are super cool, very reasonable and great color pay off.. it is well under 300 rs. however you need to go to a store that keeps imported products.. in bbay there is new beauty centre , lakme has a lip and cheek tint , which is a great blush on. it has no shimmer.. do tell ur frnd to wear a bit of foundation so that the tint stays for a long time..

  5. Thanks supriys, but I stay in Chennai, I hope to find Jordana.
    Thanks bumika for your recco.

    If I dont find Jordana, I will have to narrow it down to Colorbar and Lakme Cheek artist.

    Thanks to all for your help guys…


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