Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara – My Incomplete Review


Warning: the review is incomplete.

Okay, when I got the Eyeconic Mascara for myself, I was going through a Mascara Phrase, as I had just been betrayed by Max Factor. Though the brand is one of the most well-known around the world, somehow I have felt it had never really taken off in India. Though, I love the brand. No complaints. Till now.


Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara  ingredients+max factor masterpiece max



I was super-excited for this one, and it was supposed to come through Stylecraze. It is supposed to be one of the most revered Mascaras of Makeup World, and it has been on the list of many very popular beauty EOTDs around the blogosphere. So, naturally I was excited.

Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara+max factor mascaras reviews


The price tag at Stylecraze says 440/- however, the price here indicates 505/- for 7.2 ml. I am good with that, so I proceeded to open the seal and use it.


Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara  brush and ingredients



The mascara had dried up!

Yep, it has dried up and there was nothing inside.

This is what I got after rubbing the wand vigorously on my arm.


Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara Swatch:-


Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara  reviews and swatches



Needless to say I was very disappointed, and now that Stylecraze no longer is functional, I do not know who to take this up with. But, well, yeah, for the price, I will buy this one again, but check first.

So I will not add pros and cons to this one, I guess.


Have you tried MAX Factor Master piece Mascara ? May be you can complete my review 😉


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  1. ohno…that’s really sad Poori 🙁 Try placing the tube in a mug of warm water (altho something tells me u may have already tried that 🙂 )

  2. errrr….. sorry but wht is the point of publishing this review when the product is faulty?…. if it was a melted lipstick or broken bush or shadow i would understand since u can see the swatch n performance..but whats the point of this “review” which is not fair for the product whatever it is? 😐

    • yeah, I thought about the same thing too, and as I saw the reality was much different from the dried up version I wanted to not put this up… but then I was told to share my experience, and thus I added my incomplete review. it is possibly more of a Stylecraze critique than a review of the mascara in that way.

    that is the way their products are. oh god…its not dry madam…u have to use it that way!!!!!! go to shoppers or lifestyle and ask them to apply for u or show u a new one it will be thesame

    • ahem. Christina. I have used Max Factor’s other mascara, and when this came in this way I was very surprised, and thus went to check at westside what the real one was like. The real one adds volume and a lot of length to the eyelashes. This was just plain dry.


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