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Hey girls,

I was MIA since last few months, but now I am back with a refreshed mind and will bug you with a lot of reviews :-). I love pink lippies and what better way to make a comeback than a beautiful Pink lippie in my stash?

One can never have enough pink lippies. I got this a few months back when I wanted to try out a neon’ish shade. Much to my chagrin, this turned out to be a softneon :-P, even a wearable neon. I have started to like it because it is wearable and pretty. It catches attention in a good way and suits me. I may go for a full throttle neon lippie too but right now this one is good enough for me. Let me tell you about the lippie in detail:


Maxfactor Color Elixir Lipsick in Eternal Flame Review+max factor makeup


About Max Factor Color Elixir Lipstick:-

For instant fabulous color and smoother, softer* lips over time look no further than Max Factor’s new Color Elixir Lipstick. The Elixir formula contains a 60% blend of skin emollients, conditioners and antioxidants including vitamin E, for a visible transformation in the look and feel of your lips. As you apply the Colour Elixir Lipstick, it actively moisturises and smoothes lips. Enjoy rich and gorgeous looking colour on smooth, beautiful lips!

Available in Dust Pink, Pretty Flamingo, Magenta Divine, Eternal Flame, Secret Cerise, Mulberry, Ruby Tuesday, Scarlett Ghost, Flushed Fuchsia, Maroon Dust, Burnt Caramel, and Mystic Mocha.

  • Price and Quantity: 670 INR for 5 gm


My xperience with Maxfactor Color Elixir Lipsick in Eternal Flame:-


  • Packaging: I love the packaging! It is a rectangular covers in Gold color, with the base same as the shade of the lipstick. This looks pretty and the best part is you can find it easily because of the same color on the base. Even the lipstick bullet has an ‘X’ engraved on it which is the sign representing the brand itself. I have carried this lot with me but I never had any trouble with the packaging as it is quite sturdy.


Maxfactor Color Elixir Lipsick in Eternal Flame Review Package+max factor cosmetics


  • Shade: As I told you in the introduction, the bullet looks quite neon but the shade on lips is a beautiful bright pink with a tinge of neon. The creamy texture and this shade make a winning combination. The lesser neon in this shade makes this very wearable too. And you can even wear it to the office too.


Maxfactor Color Elixir Lipsick in Eternal Flame Review Shade+max factor lipsticks


  • Texture: It would not be an exaggeration if I compare its texture with butter. It feels light on lips. Glides easily and makes lips looks healthy and plump.


Maxfactor Color Elixir Lipsick in Eternal Flame Review Hand Swatch+max factor elixir lipstick


  • Pigmentation: This area is not as great as the above ones; one swipe does not bring out the true shade. I usually swipe it twice on my lips. The light texture makes up for less pigmentation as even if I swipe this thrice, I do not feel any heaviness on my lips.


Maxfactor Color Elixir Lipsick in Eternal Flame Review Lip Swatch+lipstick brands


  • Staying Power: The staying power is hardly 2-3 hours as this is very creamy or whatever the reason it. Most of the long stay lipsticks tend to make my lips dry so I can compromise on this part and carry this every time I need to visit the loo ;-). But girls who are more into long staying makeup would not like this much.

Let me sum up the pros and cons below:

What I like about Maxfactor Color Elixir Lipsick in Eternal Flame:

  • Does not dry lips
  • Available easily
  • Smooth in texture
  • Shades are pretty in this collection
  • Good packaging, both pretty and practical
  • Easy to find it in the lipstick stash

What I don’t like about Maxfactor Color Elixir Lipsick in Eternal Flame:

  • Low in pigmentation
  • Low staying power

Despite of the cons, I like wearing this lipstick a lot (I have already finished half of it). The shade is pretty and looks good on me. I am even eyeing ‘Pomegranate’ from this range. For this price, these lipsticks are a good buy.

Have you tried Maxfactor Color Elixir Lipsick in Eternal Flame?

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