MaxFactor Kohl Pencil 080 Cobalt Blue Review


About MaxFactor Kohl Pencils:

Max Factor Khol Pencil is your secret weapon to sexy, striking eyes! As well as defining and shape and adding a splash of colour to your look, it can be sexily smudged across your eyelid and under the lower lashes in true rock chic style. This soft, easy to blend pencil takes seconds to apply and gives you and instant shot of glamour if you’re going from desk to dance floor or from workout to work!

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MaxFactor Kohl Pencil Cobalt Blue Review+ max factor khol

What I thought about MAX Factor Kohl Pencil 080 Cobalt Blue:-


When I was checking out the sale in July at the MaxFactor counter, I came across this beauty. Needless to say, I picked it up immediately, as I was contemplating using different colors other than black on my waterline. This product, at 220/- INR, was great for me, as it did not pinch my pocket. Plus, the shade Cobalt Blue is truly gorgeous, and quite easy to apply. It is not super-creamy or too hard – in fact, just right for me to apply on my lower lash line as well as upper eyelids. The package says that it is 1.45 gm. and it will last me till May 2015, so I have a long way to go with this one.

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MaxFactor Kohl Pencil Cobalt Blue Review+ max factor blue eyeliner


My first application of the color was absolutely satisfying. The color is a rich shade of Cobalt Blue, exactly as the company claims, and it glides on smoothly on my lower and upper eyelids. The color will suit those who want a slightly unconventional look, and I generally team this up with blue clothes and pink stuff. I personally feel the color should suit someone with a slightly pinkish hue to their skin, but that’s just personal. The price is very affordable, and I love this because it does exactly what it claims and stays on my lower lash line for 3 hours or so before it starts to fade and smudge on my oily skin (my dry-skinned sister btw has no such probs.. sometimes I dislike her. These are the times). It DOES smudge after 3 hours, so keeping a tissue handy as well as the Kohl to reapply when needed is a good idea. Good news is, this travels well, and with a simple design, I have no problem.

My pet peeve with this, however, is the fact that I have to sharpen it and that it is made of wood. Why make something with wood when polymer is there? Maybelline and Chambor has both come up with pencils with polymer-bases which can be sharpened just like a wood pencil (when we were kids we used to have these fluorescent colored pencils with white innards, indicating no-wood pencils… I loved them because you could sharpen the pencil and make roses with the shavings … naturally, most of my childhood was spent pursuing such scholarly and creative thoughts, so I really never did what was actually meant to be done with the pencils … writing).

I digress. Sorry.

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MaxFactor Kohl Pencil Cobalt Blue Review+ max factor

This one stays on my upper eyelid for a good 6-7 hours at least and has to be removed with a makeup remover. When used as part of a bridal makeup, it smudged very nicely with a bit of help with my finger or a smudger, and can be used as the base of any eye makeup, which is gorgeous.

So, here is the skin swatch. I hope you guys get the fact how intense the color is. And yes, it is this intense.

So, without further ado, let me pick up the good news and the bad news about this product.

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MaxFactor Kohl Pencil Cobalt Blue Review+ max factor eyeliner

What I like about MaxFactor Kohl Pencil 080 Cobalt Blue :

  • Color is perfect
  • Simple, fuss-free packaging
  • Stays on my waterline for a good period of time
  • Travel-friendly
  • Value for money
  • Stays on my upper eyelids for 6-8 hours at least

What I don’t like about MaxFactor Kohl Pencil 080 Cobalt Blue :

  • Have to be removed with makeup remover
  • Smudges
  • Wood base
  • No list of ingredients on the pack

Verdict: 3.5/5

Will I Repurchase? Yes I will, if I don’t get anything better at this price.

Have you tried the MaxFactor Kohl Pencil in Cobalt Blue?

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  1. hmmmm .. very bright color !!! as yo said this will suit peeps with more pinkish hue to their skin.. nice review .. i like ur personal quips !!!! where is EOTD baba ???

    • you can try it. I am loving it currently and i have another one in my kitty for the last 2 years nearly, and it has barely come down to half the package (and glides on amazingly, if you want to know).

  2. Wow what a bright color looking awesome…. nice review too
    I love Blue always… :inlove: :inlove:
    It’s interesting information about the pencil sharpening :rotfl:

  3. fab review.. Poorna! I saw these pencils so many times but never picked it coz i never saw any review over this n now dat m reading it.. i already got this shade in several other brands!

  4. This kohl looks very pigmented! Has anyone tried their black kohl? I don’t use any other color than black on my waterline. So if they have something like this in black please tell me… 🙂


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