MaxFactor Kohl Pencil Ice Blue 060 Review and Swatch


Maxfactor Kohl Pencil Ice Blue 060 Review and Swatch


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  •  Price: Rs.200

My Experience with Maxfactor Kohl Pencil Ice Blue:

There are a very few items in my make-up stash that remind me of something. Like this pencil’s shade for example. Ice Blue! It reminds me of the fun I had doing ice skating in Ambience mall (which is in Delhi, by the way :D). It’s a hell lot of fun. Other girls of my age were very reluctant on trying this skating because a lot of handsome boys were there doing it too and they didn’t wanted to risk falling in front of them 😛 (I heard one elder sister whispering this to her younger sister :P, though her whispering was a normal toned talk :D) but seeing me buy the ticket for myself with my younger sister, they too bought. And, while going some gave me such sharp looks which read ‘I’ll see you later!!’:O and some actually said ‘it was so much fun:D’.

The only thing common between me and them was we all fell like crazy! So make sure you don’t have something important to attend tomorrow. I literally threw myself on bed on coming home. But then I see Anamika with two red horns on her head coming in my dream and saying angrily that you haven’t removed your make-up Heena!! So, I had to get up and remove it! 🙁

Coming to the review now, this pencil comes in a dark blue color with the shade embossed on end of the pencil. Though I hardly used coloured pencils but this one really took my heart. I don’t know how to describe the color exactly but it’s somewhat like a deep sky blue color.

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It’s a beautiful color. Since it’s a kohl pencil, I had no issue with applying it on my waterline. It stayed on my waterline for around 2 hours with some fading. This pencil is no very smooth and not even very hard. I’m glad for it because real smooth pencils like Colorbar I-Glide pencils waste a lot of product in sharpening while this one doesn’t. The pencil glides easily on my lids without any tugging or pulling. You can easily smudge it then for a soft look. After which it sets but not like it wouldn’t move! You would have to rub a lot after 10-15 minutes to remove it that wise. It stays on my lid for around 4-5 hours easily without any smudging, after which I guess it starts to fade a little.

I never use colored eyeliners alone on my eyes. I always draw a black line upon them.

MaxFactor Kohl Pencil Ice Blue 060 Swatch


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Pros of Maxfactor Kohl Pencil Ice Blue:

  • Decent Price
  • Color embossed on the end of the pencil, making it easy to spot it.
  • Good staying power.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Sturdy tip.
  • Safe for waterline.

Cons of Maxfactor Kohl Pencil Ice Blue:

  • No list of ingredients.

All in all, in future, I see myself buying more shades from this range.

God Bless You!:)


Have you tried Maxfactor Kohl Pencil Ice Blue?

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  1. Great Review.. Heens! i saw this pencil at the counter but passed thinking I have many blues anyway n since its a maxfactor wud be pricey.. but hey 200 is a great buy! 😀 😉 :highfive: :yes:

  2. Blueeeee !!! lovely color .. 200 is a serious gr8 buy .. Heena do they have good greens and purples in this range .. i can see myself stocking this up .. my faces ka pencils are finished ..

    • Hey Janani,

      Dnt stress too much on d low price in public.. lest dey too ‘ll increase deir price like every1 r doin so 😛 😀

      Ya.. I think dey had greens n purple too.. dere were b’ful colors!:)

  3. I know about this one… its been around a good bit of time, and I remember buying this with a lipstick waaaay back in 2009 or so. Glad they still have this color,

    • In 2009? 😯 😯
      I brought this some months back only :dazed:

      I had a really bad experience with medplus i guess i won’t shop frm dm 🙄
      But Thanks 4d info! 😀

        • mine was such a weird experience.. dey told me after 10 calls dat dey had my courier delivered to some ‘PREM CHAND’. I in fact inquired frm my neighbours if dey hv some PREM CHAND in deir home!!
          n l8r, dey told me PREM CHAND is their own aadmi n he lives in KAMLA NAGAR
          i was like :hypnotized: :dazed: :dazed:

          • ?? what?? I have not had trouble with Medplusbeauty as the person who delivers is this guy who knows me (actually knows that we have a PAN card center) … and I get stuff within 3-5 days in general.

            • Poorna, i got my stuff after around 10-11 days after so many calls.. I had a lot of trouble..
              Dey themselves didn’t knew that their couriers go to someone named Prem Chand in Kamla Nagar 🙄

  4. Heeeeeens!! Lovely review! :hug-makeup: Enjoyed reading the intro :yes: N i love that rollerblade pendant…sooo cute :cute: U shud do a post on ur pendant collection :-))

    • Isaaaaaaaa..How ru? :hug-makeup:

      Thankoooo 😀

      D rollerblade pendant was actually a cellphone key chain..i liked it vry much, so bought it n inserted it in chain :giggle:

  5. bellas, suggest good greens and purples eye pencils yr .. Heena di .. agar aapka giveaway is eye pencils/liners/gel liners .. then meko bhi chaiyye ..
    frn’s wedding coming up and I need green / purple…. pleazzzzz .. !!!

  6. hello heena… am a fan of maxfactor eye pencils, bt have tried black alone, i keep buyin it once it gets over from this same brand… i was about to try some other colour… and here came the timely help :tap-dance: :tap-dance: … i would like to this shade..


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