Maybelline BB Cream In Shade Radiance Review


Maybelline BB Cream 

BB creams are like everyday necessity to most of us who work or are a student. Foundaton for daily wear is not a good thing and here comes the role of BB creams. BB creams make skin look moisturised and soft. I have used many BB creams from many brands but like most of us, I was curious about the Maybelline BB Cream and bought it the minute I spotted it at Pantaloons on a shopping trip. It took me 3 days to understand how much was the right amount to be used and thank god I persisted in trying to make this work or else I’d have skipped on an amazing product.



Now right at the offset, let me tell you that these are Americanized BB Creams and can’t quite be compared to the Korean ones..I moment I read about BB creams I wanted one desperately….The TBS Shiso BB cream turned out to be a dud product for me since it was available only in 1 shade and left my skin with a hideous whitecast. I also tried a Korean brand (bought off ebay) and did like it…but the mere mention of a desi BB cream available at the tip of my fingertips made me super excited 🙂

Product Claim:



  • Quantity: 18ml
  • Price: 199 INR


About Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream


  • Packaging –As visible, this BB cream comes in a small Aqua Green tube with a twist clasp lid and a nozzle applicator. Packaging is pretty sturdy and it seems like they have jammed all possible info about the product on the tube. Not a place to spare! Not that I mind of course. I always prefer for the details to be easily available if and when required.



  • Color & Texture –This BB cream has 3 shade variants: Nude, Radiance & Natural. I got the shade Radiance for myself and it is a good match. The cream looks exactly like a foundation would in terms of colour. Wrt texture, it falls somewhere between thick and liquidy. It isn’t too runny and doesn’t slide all over the skin which is a blessing 🙂


  • Coverage – This provides a light to medium coverage. It doesn’t really cover deep blemishes or darker scars, but does even out the skin and conceal tiny marks.


  • Usage –I need just a peanut sized amount for my face and neck. I dot it over my face and neck and then blend it out with a stippling brush. The first 2 times I used this I used a little too much, and ended up feeling like an oil factory after 3hrs of wearing it. I was quite puzzled and even mentioned this in Wiseshe to a couple of you. It was after that, that I started using a little and used the dotting way of application. Only then did I understand how much is required for my skin. Hence, do experiment with this at first and don’t write it off immediately.


I experimented quite a lot with this and have come up with 6 tips to help us all apply this in the right way. Here they are:

  • Ensure that your face is moisturised before applying this. This does seem to make the skin a tad bit dry on contact.
  • Dot the cream and then spread it out with your fingers or a stippling brush.
  • Don’t forget to spread the cream on and behind your ears.
  • Initially, after application, you may feel like your face has become a tad bit whiter or grey and weird looking. Don’t panic or run off and wash this off. BB creams ideally take 2-3mins to settle and adapt to your natural skin colour.
  • Always follow a BB cream with a translucent powder. Instead of a powder brush, use a powder puff or a sponge and dab and press the powder into the skin instead of using sweeping strokes. This helps in setting the cream and keeping the oiliness at bay for longer.
  • If you don’t have a concealer at hand and need to conceal light marks to acne, after blending this BB cream, just squeeze out a tiny bit more and dot it onto the marks and pat it into the skin like you would do a concealer. It does help to a certain extent.


My Verdict on Maybelline BB Cream


This BB cream is perfect for Normal to Dry skinned beauties. Once applied, it gives a very hydrating effect and a dewy glow. But yes…if one has oily skin, then definitely this will cause greasiness and would require regular blotting. I myself don’t quite know how this would fare during summers when my T-zone acts up and becomes like a vat of oil.



If you see the picture above, you can note that the fine lines on my hands have disappeared after using the BB cream. Furthermore, pigmentation is more or less concealed and my skin looks brighter & healthier.


Some may have an issue with the coverage, but I personally like the medium coverage it gives. At times I do use a concealer atop this for my dark circles and luckily enough, the shades don’t clash and doesn’t look weird.


But all-in-all, I really like this product. Being one of our first BB creams, it doesn’t go wrong and imparts that radiant glow to the face which we are always after.




Pros of Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream:



  • Easily available
  • Imparts a dewy look to the face.
  • Simple to apply once you get the hang of how much is to be used.
  • Quite hydrating and would be perfect for those with dry to normal type skin.
  • They have 3 shade variants and 9/10 one would be able to find the shade for them since this seems to adapt to the skin tone easily.
  • Sturdy and convenient packaging.
  • Doesn’t crack or slide around like some foundations.
  • Soooooo affordable! Anyone and everyone can pick this up.
  • The fragrance is mild and not irritating or jarring.
  • Good staying power. I used it at 7 am and the brightening effect was still on at 4 pm after which it started to dull a bit.
  • It keeps my skin hydrated all the time.
  • Some have raised concerns over how tiny the tube is and that it would probably last for just 5-6 uses. This is totally inaccurate. I need just a peanut sized quantity for a single use. If used daily also, I think it should last a good 1month.
  • Has SPF too! Yippiieee!! And its not in single digits like some brands but this actually has SPF21…Isn’t that cool?




Cons of Maybelline Clear Glow BB Cream:



  • Would not suit oily skin…especially during summers!






  • Texture: 5/5
  • Coverage: 4.5/5
  • Effectiveness: 4.5/5
  • Lasting Power: 4/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 5/5




Would I repurchase this?Yes!! This is an amazing product and perfect for my skin in winters. I’d have to check it out during summers though to gauge how it works on me then.




Oh! And yes…Maybelline has released this in mousse form as well abroad and that too seems to be a winner. I can’t wait for that to make an entry in India. I’m sure we’ll all hop, skip and jump our way to their counter 😉




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    • yiippiee! which blush Sandy?

      see..this isa really nice product…and for oilies, tis wont giv any prob in winters…but in summers in humidity it may not stay…

  1. A week ago, I would’ve been sad that this doesnt suit oily skin too well but now I ‘ve discovered the perfect light-yet-longstay makeup for me….Loreal base magique primer+Revlon moisturizing compact! MAGIC, ya it is!! 😀 🙂 🙂 :rock-n-roll:

  2. wow zee u covered all d points.. :-* me too loving d bb now doesnt make me oily.. :yippee: i use primer beneath. summers lets c when it cums 😀

  3. I came across this during Malaysia, I quite liked it but skipped thinking its such a small tube, what will I do if I want this in India….silly me.
    Its priced around 350Rs. there …. cant believe they prices it 1999… good yaar now I gonna pick one for sure 🙂

    • its 350 there???too pricey…for once theres a products which is more pricy abroad ;).. u kno now in the US they hav this in mousse form..i hope that comes soon too 🙂

  4. i got this yesterday only Zee n m luving it already. just my kind of base it is.Not too heavy and not too light 😀

    BTW hv mailed u wid my No.Reply back soon so that we can plan it accordingly. :yippee: :yippee: :yippee:

  5. Woww me too have it Z… :yippee: i agree wit all the points u hv covered.. 😎 first few days i went crazy for how much amount shud i use :dance-left-right: but i got hang of it now :blush:

    • yea…pehle to i thought ke this is a bhakas product…was gona giv t a bad review..but then thought to retring..not right to judg widout using properly na?…and now i luv this! m glad i tried it out again..

  6. Ze i have this is both Nude and Natural shade..and i have oily-acne prone skin. It suits me perrrrfect gives a subtle glow to my skin. and doesnt look oily at all… all you oily beauties use it without fear ! :yippee: :tap-dance: :rock-n-roll:

  7. awesome review Zara…. one of the most detailed reviews i hv read with tips and clarity….. i hv also ordered the same shade and is yet to arrive.. finally maine kal shopping na karne ka vrat tod diya 😀

    • Thanx Rev…I kno how hard it is to get the hang of such diff products..not quite a concealor, not a foundation not a TM…hehe…so its nice to hav tips t help 🙂

      wt else did u order?

  8. Woweee Zee…. have been waiting for this!! I so want to pick this up now… but there are only 3 shades na.. so I am sure they wont have one for dark skinned woman 🙁 🙁
    Btw I have the same doubt as Kej… how is it compared to Ponds TM??

  9. BB mousse??? wowie! hope they launch it in INdia soon.. vaise i hope they launch the eye tattoos first 😛 and then bouncy blushes.. but Zee am sure you’ll want Bouncy Blushes first 😛

  10. Thanx mokp..glad u like it :)I like this better than TM simply coz it conceals a bit and gives a glo to the face..TM gives a dewy effect and it doesnt last long…this one lasts alot longer than ponds…

  11. Hi girls..
    u all r really veryy active here..
    bt i m late 🙁
    was watching serendipity 🙁
    i too want to try bb cream bt spf products (lakme, netregena fine fairness) gifts me lots of pimples :'(
    what to do ?:-)

  12. Hey..I bought this cream a week back and even it took me 3 days to know the quantity which I need..but its an awesome cream..loved it. I just use a moisturiser the BB cream on my face, liner n lipstick and I am done fo my office and it lasts for hours…and has SPF too.

  13. This BB cream is perfect for Normal to Dry skinned beauties. Once applied gives a very hydrated effect and a glow …Nice product like this 😀

  14. Guys this is a scary cream…it broke me out…i applied it thrice and all the three times i got pimples…where as i am blessed with normal skin and dont get pimples at all :-((

  15. I just got Maybelline BB cream for myself, but still to try it properly on my face..
    I was having combination skin till now , but recently it is acting quite like oily..and driving me totally crazy…i have no idea what to do !!!


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