Maybelline Brow Drama Crayon Pomade Photos & Swatches


Maybelline Brow Drama Crayon Pomade

Hi Everyone,

Maybelline Brow Drama Crayon is the first product which I picked up to try from my US shopping haul.I like doing brows and somehow I had the feeling that this one will be a good fit.After all getting those dark curvy eyebrows is every girls dream :D.So today we will be discussing MaybellineÅ› New Brow Drama Crayon Pomade and see its swatches.Mind it its not a review.I will be doing that after complete testing.

About Maybelline Brow Drama Crayon Pomade:-

maybelline brow drama crayon pomade
Maybelline has launched these eyebrow crayon in 4 colors. All are according to the different skin tones and color.Introducing it in Crayon form seems to be a different and unique idea.
1. 250 Blonde
2. 255 Soft Brown
3. 260 Deep Brown
4. 265 Auburn
We will be trying the swatches and photographs of Deep Brown Color, Number 260 🙂
Packaging and Content
maybelline brow drama crayon pomade packaging
It comes packed in a cardboard hanging and the Crayon pencil is covered with the plastic shield.
The Crayon is small but thick and is easy to sharp. The crayon cover is of plastic and seems of a good quality and feels like it wont break off easily.Since the cap is transparent, it will easily go dirty with the nib and will look messy.
It is small and cute and could be carried daily in purse.

Price -  I got it of Rs $6.99 lets see what price it will be introduced in India if it will ever reach India.

maybelline brow drama crayon pomade price
Direction to use –Though the directions are given at the back of the pack, but we still would love to show how to apply to our dear users :)Take the eyebrow Crayon and start applying lightly from the inner eyebrow side and take it till the last, this way make a proper outline. Now, gently fill in the eyebrows to give fuller look.
Make the desired shape and then rub and try to merge it with the help of finger. Remove the extra color with the help of soft cloth.Do not use cotton as it will stick to the eyebrows.

Maybelline Brow Drama Crayon Pomade Swatch:-

You can see in the photograph below that the pencil has thick nib which will help you in light application and also have a look at swatch.The application was super smooth and its wax based texture .Color looks  fine and I guess with repetitive application, one can increase the depth of color.
maybelline brow drama crayon pomade swatch
Final Words

I personally liked the color deep brown and think that it goes exactly with the Indian skin tones but let me come with a detail review soon 🙂 Till then I will keep you tempted <3



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