Maybelline Chai Latte Quad Review


By Prerana Sharma,

Maybelline Expert Wear Eyeshadow Chai Latte Quad Review

Maybellien Chai Laate1

My skin tone being warm, I always felt comfortable with browns! Or I can say I love browns. While choosing an eye shadow for day time or even night time my eyes are attracted towards brown, copper and shimmery bronzer. And finally I bought the Maybelline Chai Latte Eye Shadow Quad. This quad has 4 different shades of brown and one can try smokey eyes accompanied by Maybelline mascara for that sexy look 😎
1. A matte light brown shade for eye lids.
2. A matte dark brown shade for outer V.
3. A beige highlighter for brow bone which has slight glitter.
4. A heavily shimmered copper colored for crease.
Which shade of the quad is for which part of eye, it is written on top of the color, moreover maybelline has also included a picture at the back side of the quad, of how to apply the 4 shades and attain different looks. There are 2 aplicator brush provided with the pac but after 3-4 times I applied the eye shadow with the applicator, I feel it is not sufficient to apply eye shadow properly, specially making an outer V is not possible, so better to use a eye shadow brush and an angular brush.

Maybelline chai latte 2

Instructions on the back Swatches: L to R color for lid, outer V, crease, brow bone

Price of Maybelliene Chai Latte Quad is Rs 240/- for 4.8gms

My Experience
My experience with the provided applicator brush is not good as I wrote above, the eye shadow is better applied with an eye shadow brush. The colors doesn’t fall out. Staying power is ok type, approx 5-6 hours and also it will not crease if you apply eye primer properly. With the color,..hmmm….
My many friends complaints about the bad pigmentation of Chai Latte, but since it is my personal choice that I like subtle makeup, I like it. I always loved the makeup which will result in making me look “natural” coz I don’t want to look “made up”, I know this is my personal problem!!
Well, to be frank & non-biased, I agree the matte light brown and the brow bone highlighter color is too light to show up on skin. The dark brown shade is good in pigmentation, but it have to be used very carefully otherwise it will make u look as if u have heavy dark circles. Coppery shimmer color is nice.

4 Looks using this quad as directed by the picture at the back :-

Look 1 simple &subtle look by applying only lid shadow

eye makeup with maybellien chai latte

Look 2 Casual look by applying little shimmery copper.

Look 3 More defined look by applying dark brown and making outer V.

brown eye makeup

Look 4 dramatic look by applying color to brow bone and little coppery shimmer to inner corner of eye.

maybelline chai latte 7

1. Price! No eye shadow costs as low as Chai Latte.
2. Quad is good for beginners so that they can learn how to do eye makeup.
3. Color doesn’t fall out and stays for a decent amount of time.
4. This quad is good for day time or office makeup.

The lid color and brow bone color is too light to show up.
2. The applicator brush is of no use.
3. The brow bone color is little chalky.

Will I repurchase it again?
Though I’m happy with it, specially its dark matte brown color and shimmery copper color, but I’m not going to repurchase it coz this is going to last me for ages! Am I wrong girls? Moreover there are other so many tempting shades available in other brands, so many other types like baked, satin finish, cream eye shadow which I want to try (& buy) that’s why I won’t repurchase it again..

Also, since I love the dark brown color and shimmery copper the most, it doesn’t mean that am going  waste lid color and brow bone color. If you are like me who don’t love these two colors then you follow these tips :-
Apply brow bone color to your “Lids” after priming, then apply the light brown lid color. The light brown color will definitely show up on your lids
If you are sad that your light colored eye liners don’t show up on your skin, then apply brow bone color on upper lash line with any gel liner brush / angular brush, then apply your light colored eyeliner.

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  1. hey even I have to review this..agree wit ur points…i love it too..
    bt u knw dnt use them as dey hav mentioned..d shimmery does not look gud on crease..on the lid on ocassions looks pretty..

  2. yes this is something which is a must have 🙂

    i use the shimmery one on my eyelid only..or some time as brow highlighter whenever i am attending a party:)

    it is difficult to blend shimmery colour when they are in crease.

  3. Nice review.. Like HD said – all bloggers have this quad. It is such an inexpensive prdt & the concept is nice – all 4 brown neutral shades. :yes:

    But like Bhumika & HD I too don’t like using shimmery in my crease, it is a nice lid shade though. I generally end up using the Outer Corner Brown instead for the crease.

    I don’t like the low pigmentation though of this prdt – that really limits it. I find it easily to apply a high pigmentation product sheerly when needed – just apply a light wash. But it is a lot of hard work to make a low pigmentation product apply well. :struggle:


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