Maybelline Colorama Cintilante AVELÃ Review & Swatches


Maybelline-Colorama-Cintilante-AVEL-Review and swatches

I love to paint my nails, especially in pinks and purples. Maybelline Colorama Cintilante AVELÃ is among my favourites. It’s a deep purple shade with a glossy finish. The bottle is nice and slender and I particularly like its cap / applicator as I have experienced that Lakme and Avon caps often get separated from their applicators and then it becomes difficult to hold and apply. Another advantage is that it’s cap is easy to hold. The brush is also good and glides well to give an even application. The consistency of the nail paint is also just right – neither too thick nor too runny and it also stays that way for a long time. I have been having this nail paint since March 2011 and the paint has never dried up in the bottle till date.


 Maybelline-Cintilante-AVEL-Reviews+Maybelline cinitilante reviews and swatches

The final finish requires at least 2 coats as one coat may not appear finished or even on the nails. The good part is the paint stays on the nails without chipping for a minimum of 5 days on my hands and for a much longer time on my toes.

 Maybelline cinitlante swatches nail polish

Quick pointers on Maybelline Colorama Cintilante AVELÃ:

  • Price: Rs 85 for 8ml
  • Consistency: Just perfect – Neither too thick nor too runny
  • Brush / applicator: Long bristles with a cap that’s easy to hold and glide
  • Drying time: Approx. 5-7 mins.
  • Final finish: Glossy finish with a good colour output
  • Staying power: Minimum 5 days, if there’s not too much housework to attend to 😉

Overall rating: 5/5

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  1. i lyk maybelline NPs.i have d astal n easy to apply for clusmy ppl lyk me 😛 nice choice forum..even i lyk such shades :-))

  2. This color is awesome, I went with 2 other friends and all 3 of us bought it. hahaha.
    The Colorama shades are like Rs 90 in India and they have not dried up in 4 years, that’s the 1st time I bought some shades of it.
    2 coats gives the perfect shine, color and muah… I love the colors they have!!!

    Lakme is near the same price, but they dry up in 6-9 month sof use and thus are not good if you buy them for some specific dress…

    I am looking for a shade in Colorama – ‘Silver Sand’, my sister bought it in 2010 but I have not been able to get one since, all showrooms saw it has been discontinued. If any one knows of it. Please do let me know. I really really want that shade…



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