Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Gloss Hooked on Pink & Lip Liner Velvet Beige Review and Swatches


Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Gloss – 065 Hooked on Pink


  • Price – Rs.  250 for 6.8 ml


1Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Gloss hooked on pink+color gloss


 About Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Gloss Hooked On Pink

A lip gloss is a lip enhancer with a liquid consistency that is thicker than oil.  It gives the illusion of plumper lips and also serves as a lip moisturizer.  If you are someone who likes keeping her lips polished and coloured but dislikes the waxy texture of a lipstick then lip gloss is of you!  If any of you reading this are teenagers then you’re in the right place.  Since you’re too young to put on lipstick, light and sheer lip glosses are just the thing.


My 2 year old trusty lotus gloss was like over, finished, empty, khalas and so I had to buy a new one and that too without shimmer.  I passed the Maybelline stall and saw this lip gloss thrown in a vanity case on offer.   The very colour of the full tube itself drew me to it and when I tried it on I knew I had found ‘my gloss’ !

This is my kinda colour.  Raspberryish, opaque and without shimmer.  Non sticky and absolutely SHEK SHEE.  (You ladies know what I mean nah?  This is in case any of my students read it – most are teenagers!!! )  This shade will suit fair skin.

The tube looks classy and I like that it clicks when it’s closed properly.   Sturdy enough to dump in your handbag.   I wish the tube had some kinda doodling over it….If I didn’t know that it was from Maybelline, I’d have thought it was some Chinese product.


3Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Gloss hooked on pink+what is lip gloss


The first time I applied it I started sniffing the air for orange juice and then realised that it’s the awesome smell of this gloss.  Using it is a pleasure because the doe-foot applicator gets out just enough colour for a smooooth one stroke delivery! It’s the IPL.  It’s getting to me guys.:P .  Talking about the applicator it’s called DOE-FOOT because it resembles the delicate foot of a deer.   I wash my applicator every month.  You might be surprised to hear this.  I use ordinary soap and water, dry it well with a hair dryer on the spot and then back it goes into the tube.  I also put the lip gloss in warm water in winter or when it’s finishing to loosen the product so that the applicator can pick up enough of it.


Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Gloss Hooked On Pink Swatches:-


Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Gloss hooked on pink swatch+color gloss



I use a lip liner with my gloss when I’m going ‘out’ but before that I exfoliate my lips a bit with a bit of sugar and olive oil.  The gloss glides on without having to highlight unattractive chapped skin. When you’re done applying it clean up any product accumulation outside your lip line with a cotton bud. Avoid smacking or rubbing your lips together to prevent your gloss from breaking down.

I have used Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Liner – Velvet Beige along with the gloss in this picture of my lips 🙂




5Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Gloss hooked on pink+maybelline colors


There are12 shades in Maybelline Colorsensational Lipgloss

  • 035  Pink Perfection

  • 055  Raspberry Sorbet

  • 405  Sugared Honey

  • 065  Hooked on Pink

  • 255  Touch of Toffee

  • 015  Born with it

  • 415  Plum-tastic

  • 205  Sandstone Shimmer

  • 315  Broadway Bronze

  • 275  Mocha Glaze

  • 605  Cranberry Cocktail

  • 625  Wine all Mine


What  I  Like about Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Gloss Hooked On Pink:-


  • Good quality product
  • Affordable
  • Chic sturdy tube.
  • Non-sticky
  • Goes on like butter
  • Quite pigmented and opaque
  • Lovely lovely citrus smell
  • Just gorgeous!


What I do not like about Maybelline Colorsensation Lip Gloss Hooked On Pink:-


  • None


Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Liner-630 Velvet Beige


  • Rs. 210 for 5 gms


10Maybelline ColorSensational Lip liner 065 velvet beige+maybelline maybelline


I picked up this lip liner cause of my husband.  He has only one thing to say when I wear lipstick.  “Why does your upper lip go down into your lower lip? Can you ‘draw’ some wider lips?”  I think he like the lips of that ‘JOKER’ in ‘ Dark Knight’.  When we were dating my lips were perfect!  So, keeping that in mind I went and got a lip liner.  It was a wise buy.  I ended up getting 630 – VELVET BEIGE.

It’s the nudest of all the colours.   It suits most of the lip shades I have.  The point is very soft but not so soft that it will break.  It delivers its true colour with one stroke. You don’t have to go over the lip 100 times. Colorsensational lip liners don’t smudge, smear, feather or bleed. It’s a good pencil to have.  There are 12 new shades.

Swatches  of  Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Liner-630 Velvet Beige


Maybelline ColorSensational Lip liner 065 velvet beige+liner lip


A lip liner pencil is used to define the shape of the lips and give a finished appearance.  It keeps the lipstick in its place and acts as a barrier that prevents the lipstick from bleeding into the fine lines around the mouth. Starting from one corner of the mouth, follow the natural curve of the lip line to the center and then from the other corner back to the center. Use the same technique for your lower lip.  Define the shape of the ‘Cupid’s Bow’, and then proceed with your gloss or lipstick.   Are you wondering what Cupid’s bow is? It is the curve of the upper lip – where it curves and then there is a slight dip.  Cupid is the name of the Roman god of erotic love and our upper lip resembles his bow.

If you have a problem with lipstick bleeding and feathering then buy yourself a sheer lip liner.  Line the natural sape of your mouth, fill in your lip with it too and then apply your lipstick.  Since it’s sheer / almost like the natural colour of your lip, it will help to keep your lipstick on for a long time.

9Maybelline ColorSensational Lip Liner 065 velvet beige+lip liner


Maybelline  ColorSensational Lip Liner Shades:-


  • 540    Hollywood Red

  • 630    Velvet Beige

  • 150    Stellar Pink

  • 338    Midnight Plum

  • 750    Choco Pop

  • 775    Copper Brown


Lip Liner Application Tips:-


  • Pairing a lip liner that matches your lip with a coloured lipstick will give you a natural fade.
  • Matching the liner to the colour of the lip stick/gloss brings out the vibrancy of the shade
  • Putting a contrasting coloured lip liner for example a deep violet liner with soft pink lipstick well, that’s pure BOLD !
  • If you leave your liner open without the cap the point will surely loose some of its moisture, making it difficult to apply.  In that case just make a couple of lines on the back of your thumb then continue on your lips.
  • Have you noticed that when you drink from a glass you leave behind your lipstick on its rim?  Well, it’s not supposed to be there and looks very uneducated.  Simply lick the edge of the glass quickly right before you take a sip.  Try it!


What I like about Maybelline Lip Liner Liner Velvet Beige :-


  • Good quality
  • Affordable
  • Good staying power
  • Doesn’t bleed or smudge
  • Smooth application sans tugging
  • 6 great shades


Cons: None

Have you tried Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Gloss Hooked On Pink & Lip Liner ?


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