Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick PINK HUE – What To Buy & What Not To Buy


Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick PINK HUE – What To Buy & What Not To Buy

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So today’s article brings us towards the end of What To Buy & What Not To Buy for the Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks’ range. The Maybelline ColroShow lipsticks come categorized in according to the four Hues i.e., Red, Mauve, Brown and Pink. I have already covered Red, Mauve and Brown hues’ category and today I shall discuss about all the shades falling under the Pink hue category and let you all know what shades deserve to be in your stash and what shades do not deserve your attention. Read on.


About Maybelline ColorShow Lipstick:

Get runway-ready lips with MNY Color Show Lip Colors, brilliant lipsticks straight from the New York Fashion Week. The Maybelline Color Show lipstick range has lip colors in four stunning hues – reds, pinks, browns and mauves. Offering 27 shades, this lip color range has a lipstick for every mood! The Color Show lipsticks have vibrant color pigments and a soft, non-sticky texture. The best part is that they also moisturize your lips, keeping them soft and supple!

Price: INR 299

Net Wt: 3.6 gm. Available on here

Shelf Life: 3 years

Shades Offered: Maybelline offers a total of 27 shades divided into four categories that is Mauves, Reds, Pinks and Browns.

The Pink Hue Category:



The Pink hue category is offers some very adorable shades. It has a total of five nice shades, shade wise I like all of these and there is only one lipstick which I will categorize in the do not buy category.

Must Buy:

110 Fuchsia Flare 


It is a fabulous Fuchsia shade with just the perfect color intensity, decent pigmentation and soft, creamy & smooth texture. The lipstick will flatter lighter skin tones beautifully. I am head over heels in love with this lipstick and if you are on look out for a Fuchsia shade, then this budget friendly good quality lipstick will end your search and is a must for any pink lover.

111 Midnight Pink


It is a gorgeous magenta shade with very strong pink undertones. This particular shade of pink will work well with all Indian skin tones. This lipstick is decently pigmented and has a very smooth & creamy texture. It has a decent staying power of 3-4 hours. This lipstick is a must buy for the good quality and of course for the gorgeous shade.

Might Buy:

103 Crushed Candy


It is a cool toned bubble gum pink shade with semi sheer color pay off. I quite like the shade and this will flatter light to medium skin tones. Though the color is not for your dull face’s day, but for any pink lover, this light pink shade might get a place in your stash.

112 Fuchsia Fantasy


This shade belongs to the fuchsia family which leans more towards pink. This gorgeous blend of fuchsia and pink will flatter light to medium skin tones. It offers semi opaque coverage and has a really soft & smooth texture. It has some micro shimmers which do not make the texture gritty but adds some subtle shine.

Do Not Buy:

109 Violet Fusion 


It is a beautiful blend of violet and pink. This shade is exactly not very bad, infact I quite like the shade but what brings this lipstick in the “Do Not Buy” category is the presence of shimmers in it. Though the lipstick is decently pigmented but the soft texture of this lippy is hindered with the gritty shimmer. The shimmer in it tends to move around the areas of lips. I do not like shimmer around lips and this is why I would not suggest anyone to buy this lipstick, a similar shade sans shimmers from any other range & brand can be purchased, but not this one.

These were all the pink shade offered in the Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks’ range. I hope you like the suggestions. Do pour in your views via comments.

Have you tried any of the Maybelline Colorshow Lipsticks?

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