Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint in Coral Craze


Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint in Coral Craze – Hey there!

When the Maybelline Color Show nail paints released in India, I was ecstatic! These are one of the favourite drugstore nail paints for beauty bloggers world over. They have an incredible range of mattes, leather and even indie polishes. But sadly these haven’t made an appearance in the Indian scene yet, but we can keep our fingers crossed.

But honestly, the best part is that they generally retail at $2.99 (approx 185INR) for 0.23 oz (6.8 ml) but in India the price is a mere 75INR for 6 ml! How cool is that?

There is nothing I love more than bright young Summer time nail paints. They add a spring to my step and I feel ready to face the world with my youthful morals. 😛


Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint


The shade I am now going to review is just that. It’s bright, girly and chic! A beautiful compliment to anyone’s summer talons.

  • Price: 75 INR.You can buy it online.


My take on Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint in Coral Craze:

This was the color that I was looking forward to the most; after my little online haul of about 5 Maybelline Color Show Nail Paints. While there is no doubt that this is a brilliant colour, it tends to make my hands look a little dark and I hate that. But that isn’t the polish’s fault, it’s my lazy moisturizing ways. *sighs*


Maybelline Color Show Coral Craze


Nevertheless, this polish is pretty darn amazing, especially in comparison to the other polishes in the below 100INR range. Not only is it inexpensive, it also has a very decent wear time. It stays on my nails without chipping for about 5 days with only slight tip wear. But sadly, this tip wear begins from the very first day. 🙁

The brush is pretty nice and you just need three long strokes to paint your entire nail. The strokes are non streaky and the polish hasn’t quite started to thicken up yet, even after 2 months. This polish is a bit sheer and needs atleast 3 coats for complete opacity. But since the dry time is low, all you need to do is paint all your nails and then without waiting another second just go back over your first nail in the lot and continue on. It’s a little time consuming, but the final product is pretty darn gorgeous. 😛


Maybelline Coral Craze Nails

Maybelline Coral Craze NOTD


What I like about The Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint in Coral Craze:

  • A very bright summer-y colour
  • For people lighter than me, it might be their “a little brighter than French” colour
  • Glossy finish
  • Travel safe classy packaging
  • Quick dry time
  • It doesn’t thicken in the bottle fast
  • Non streaky application
  • Suitably wide brush
  • No noticeable major chipping even after 5 days

What I dislike about Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint in Coral Craze:

  • Very sheer colour
  • Makes my hands look darker and does the same for my lighter skinned friends
  • So popular that sometimes availability is a problem, atleast online
  • Tip wear begins within just one day

Would I repurchase Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint in Coral Craze?

This shade? Maybe not.

Would I recommend Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint in Coral Craze to friends?

Sure! At 75 bucks a pop, you have nothing to lose!. Have you tried Maybelline Color Show Nail Paint in Coral Craze?

Rating: 4/5



  1. These are such value for money…have three shades, all total rock stars. Planning to review them soon….and I would have picked up many more if it wasn’t for the availability issues. They are sold out almost all the time

  2. Its a lovely shade and you are right with the orice tag of 75 INR you have nothing to lose. I always laying my eye on this shade but as you availability is a problem with these nail paints and this shade is so popular that the availability problem is doubled so I pick other shades. I am waiting for maybelline to introduce the polka dots variation of these nail paints in india. I am seeing the polka dots color show nail paints swatches on pinterest and those are lovely……


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