Maybelline DEFINE A LASH Mascara Review


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Hi Beauties,
I’ve been waiting to review my must have product for so long…after zara requested me to review it, I finally decided :-)) and yes it’s a must have for my lashes atleast and my favourite lash lengthening mascara. It is a mascara from Maybelline, DEFINE-A-LASH ! First thing first, a mascara is basically used to boost the lashes. It serves various purposes for the lashes, it thickens, darkens, lengthens, and define the lashes to the extreme. There is a entire range of mascara’s out there, serving various intentions and uses. This is how Maybelline’s DEFINE-A-LASH look like :-

Maybelline DEFINE-A-LASH Mascara review

What Maybelline Claims:-

  • No clumps, separated, sensuously long lashes 😉
  • Waterproof :yes:

Product description:-

  • This mascara comes in a long green tube with a blue top ring.
  • Available in waterproof, washable range.
  • Ophthalmologist tested, and contact lens safe.
  • Zero clumping volumizing mascara creates volume with clean definition.

Maybelline DEFINE-A-LASH Mascara review+Maybelline mascara review

My experience with Maybelline Define A Lash Mascara

  • I absolutely love this mascara, it just enhances and gives an immediate boost to my lashes for that extra oomph 😉
  • It does not clumps at all, besides it gives that separate and elongated look to my lashes.
  • Gives a clean and defined lash.
  • It really defines each and every single lash 😛 as its name suggests “DEFINE-A-LASH”
  • And the most important thing, it is black and waterproof. Being black it does not gives that artificial look, gives a natural look J
  • I love its wand and its brush which covers my entire lashes at one time. :yes:
  • Suits my pocket well 😀
  • A deserving and worth product which is not expensive and I love it for whatever it is 😛

Here’s a difference between my lashes with and without the mascara :-

Maybelline DEFINE-A-LASH Mascara review

Maybelline mascara before and after

I have just applied the maybelline’s mascara, nothing else so that you can see the actual difference.

  • Price: INR 310/-  ( I recently bought it from urbantouch for 300/- )
  • Quantity : 6.5ml ( will last for more than 6months even if used regularly )

Rating: 5/5

Will I repurchase it ? -Yes, I will and I have purchased it again 😀

 Which is your favorite Mascara ? 


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    • Yeah, i tried it at the counter. Don’t know what went wrong, whether MUA applied it wrong or something else, but it clumped on my lashes alot. So chucked it, n bought this one. Still m gonna try colossal next time!

      • oh..she must have not applied it does clump but its very minimal and once u get the hang of it ul also kno how t avoid the clumping.. but its luvly for long thick lukin lashes..

  1. Nice review..the difference it makes to the lashe is very visible…. :rose:

    Has anyone tried both this and colossal? I wanna decide which one to get….I could use some help!!! :worship:

    • The maybelline counter I frequent has only define-a-lash and colossal in stock…the SA always tries to persuade me to go for DAL, but since I have no faith in these SAs, I have resisted getting it. Moreover, the rave reviews I have read about colossal coupled with lower price tag makes me wanna get the big chubby yelloow tube for my lashes.

      • same here…even my SA tried t get me to buy DAL but i hadnt heard or read its reviews anywhere so resisted to urge to try it out…but after this review i think m definitely gona get it.. 🙂

  2. I’ve tried both Define & Colossal.

    Between the two it really depends on what you want out of your mascara. If you are looking for simple, separated, dark lashes then Define is the best option. But it won’t give you much volume. Better suited for day time, I feel.

    Colossal is good if you want some volume as well, plus it is better for night time or if you have sparse lashes. It really makes the lashes stand out when compared to define,

    I hope this helps. 🙂

    • Thanks Tanveer!

      A few questions for you:
      Does colossal separate and comb lashes too?
      Are they both waterproof?
      Which one will not melt off in the heat and
      which one needs a heavy duty cleanser or makeup remover to come off?

      • No, colossal won’t separate lashes as well as define, because their brushes are different. Define a Lash has very far apart bristles to prevent clumping. Colossal has more closly spaced bristles to give greater coating of a mascara. Plus the formula also differs. Define is more thinner & liquidy as compared to colossal – that is thicker. After a while (6 mnths), colossal does tend to clump as well.

        You get waterproof variants in both.

        Actually both don’t melt – but the chances of smudging are lesser with define as the lashes have less formula loaded on them compared to colossal. So I’d have to say Define.

        Both versions in waterproof need a oil based cleanser to remove, but as I mentioned before, colossal has a thicker formula so it coats the lashes more heavily, hence it will obviously need more remover to come off completely.

        Define in waterproof also needs oil based, heavy duty cleanser to remove, but because it is more thinner & subtle in effect – it may give the illusion of your lashes being clean when they actually still have some product on them.

  3. Yes i have used colossal too… But didnt like it as compared to define a lash ..the brush dznt cvrs my lashes properly.. I found it drying… Ovrall ws nt happy wid maybelline colossal :-/ u shud try DAL atlst once 🙂

  4. I have both, DAL is my everyday mascara, no clumps, just beautiful lashes… colossal I use mostly for parties and outings as it makes my eye a bit dramatic 🙂

  5. Many ppl dont like this mascara probably because of the wand’s flexibility or that its hard to remove. But this is one of my fav waterproof mascaras, it doesnt smudge or flake at all and does give pretty good length and volume 🙂


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