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Emerald may be the Pantone color of the year 2013 but I am still making my lust list of Turquoise Color. I have this list on my mind for a while now and not sure when will I get my hands on them?!?!?


Tiffany Solitaire


The first on my list has to be a ‘Tiffany’. No I don’t want just the Turquoise Blue box that stores any woman’s desire in it. I want what’s in it!! The Tiffany Solitaire!!! Ohhhh…. I am lost in dreams….


Turquoise Stone Necklace


The second on my list is this gorgeous Turquoise Stone Necklace. Just imagine a flow y white dress and nude pump. This necklace is all you need to make a statement.


Turquoise beach bag


The third on my list is the Oh – So – Wow Tote. Tadaaaaa…. I am already in Maldives. Isn’t it the perfect beach bag to strut around along the beach of Maldives, almost competing with the colors of blue in the sea?



Turquoise Jacket



Fourth in the list has to be this suave Turquoise Jacket to pair with your best fitting denim and white spaghetti. Perfect for a power luncheon with these lovely girl friends. Girls,Giggles, Gossip and G(J)acket!



Turquoise blue pumps


Fifth is one my favorite stuff in any color. These are a girl’s best friend. No matter what is your size and how often it changes, they never leave you and never change. Turquoise blue pumps not only add the extra inches to your height but also add in a lot of coolness, literally and figuratively 😉



Maybelline Express Finish Review+lacquer nail polish


Sixth on my list…………….. oh my list will never end. But I am glad I found something that I have checked as achieved on my Turquoise list. My new Maybelline Express Finish 40 in Turquoise Lagoon.

Maybelline Express Finish 40 Turquoise Lagoon Review+nail polish trends


It’s the perfect suave Turquoise that can almost transport your on the beaches of Hawaii or Rio in your best bikinis. Or the afternoon lunch by the poolside. You sure to outdo the coolness of the pool. Like its name it dries in quick 40 seconds flat. (Well at least the first thin coat. The second coat needs more generosity with time to dry). When topped with a nice top coat it can last you a good 4-5 days without any chipping or flaking. The color spreads easily and gives almost the gel like finish on the nails.


This is how Maybelline Express Finish 40 looks on my nails:-


Nails with Maybelline Express Finish 40 in Turquoise Lagoon+fingernail polish


  • Price – INR 200/- It’s a great product for that price.
  • Availability – Its available almost everywhere. Maybelline has very good distribution network.

Tell me you lust list of Turquoise!!!!!


My overall verdict – 4.5 / 5

  • Color – 5/ 5
  • Packaging – 4/5 ( same old boring packaging. My first Maybelline nail polish was the same packaging too)

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  1. Love the shade! Love ur nails! Love the way uve written this post! Love everything else! :heart: I swear! Usually, there’e be atleast one thing in a list that i don’t fancy. But these are all true eye candy :-))


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