Maybelline Express Finish 40 Seconds Nail Paint – Rosen Pearly Pink & Éclat Brassy Review & NOTD


Maybelline Express Finish 40 Seconds Nail Paint – Rosen Pearly Pink & Éclat Brassy


Hi Girls, In my recent Haul at Nykaa I bought 2 Maybelline Express Finish Nail paints- Rosen Pearly Pink#76 & Beige Éclat Brassy# 174.

Pricing: Rs. 210
Availability: selected retail and department stores, and pharmacies, Available in 22 shades in India

A quick-dry nail colour that goes from wet to set in 40 seconds. Maybelline’s Express Finish 40 is available in 22 different shades also comes with a control-flow brush.


Maybelline Express Finish 40 Seconds Nail Paint


My Experience with Maybelline Express Finish 40 Seconds Nail Paint:

I have been using Maybelline express finish nail paints for over 2 years now and they keep adding newer shades very often. I used to think that quick dry nail paint will also dry up in the bottle fast but surprisingly my 2 year old nail paint is still good. This wasn’t my experience with other brands and hence Maybelline express finish is my favourite range of nail paints.


Maybelline Express Finish Éclat Brassy


I chose Rosen pearly pink- true to my nature of sticking with neutral office colours and decided to get bold through Beige éclat Brassy. I decided to use both the colours in my swatches and experimented with some nail art.

I really like the result, and I have received a few compliments from my friends and I hope you like it too!


Maybelline Express Finish Rosen Pearly Pink


Wt. – 10 ml

Price: INR 210

Packaging: The control flow brush and the shape of the bristles is really good. It spreads the nail paint evenly and completely covers the entire nail bed in 1 stroke. Those that are new to Maybelline nail paints will find it fantastic. The bristles it is so much better than Lakme and other brands that I am a fan now!

That Apart, the bottle is sturdy, attractive and it looks good on the dresser. It is travel friendly as it may not break in your makeup kit.

Formula: It glides very smoothly and gives opaque coverage within 1 stroke. Brush reaches difficult to reach nooks & crannies and is hassle free.

Best Part: I am so impatient when I need to wait for my nail paint to dry and this product is just perfect. It really does dry quickly! So I love it. And it’s a large quantity.


Maybelline Nail polish  Express Finish


What I like about Maybelline Express Finish 40 Seconds Nail Paint:

  • Perfect for Playing with Nail Styling
  • True to name it dries in seconds
  • Attractive & Sturdy packing

What I don’t like about Maybelline Express Finish 40 Seconds Nail Paint:

  • It starts chipping in 3/4 days if applied without top coat. With the Top coat it lasts for another day.

Repurchase and recommendation – Yes, it dries quickly so you don’t hesitate to change your nail paint often too! Love it

Overall Verdict: 5/5

Have you tried Maybelline Express Finish 40 Seconds Nail Paint?

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    • Thanks mayuri. Hopefully some day you will see a shocking pink or yellow or maybe green on my nails too. So far, haven’t had the courage.


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