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                         Maybelline New york expert eyes eyeliner 03 Marrom/Marron
While shopping for Maybelline cosmetics I got Maybelline gel eyeliner and this eyeliner.I like using brown eyeliner when  I do not want to show that I am using much of makeup especially during the day time when I am  going for a formal meeting or something.It gives intense looks to the eyes without making one realise that you are wearing something.
I highly recommend brown eyeliner to those who have small eyes or do not have thick eyelashes.Applying brown eyeliner always helps.
This is what the product claims
Maybelline expert wear eyeliner features as a lining pencil which has soft glide formula.
  • All-day wear
  • No smudging, no smearing

How to apply the eyeliner  -Apply along your lash line from the inner to the outer corners.


Price of Maybelline expert eyes eyeliner is Rs 199

If you buy products worth Rs 500 then they give you this free sometime.So if they don’t then do not forget to ask them if they have any free offers running.   

   It comes in two shades in which one is black and other one is brown.                       

                        Swatches of Maybelline expert eyes eyeliner in Marron /Marrom 03

My experience with the product :-

Brown eyeliner are a staple for my makeup kit .I need them every now and then.This one too works well on me.It is smooth and soft in application but it is not very intense .Gives a very subtle and casual look.If you have oily lids then it will show little less as compared those who have dry skin on their eyelids.

It stays all day and doesn’t smudge.I fill my eye brows with it and it suits them well.When I want to wear brown lipstick I use it as my lip liner too .It works well because of its smooth quality.

Lead of the eyeliner is strong and doesn’t break down while sharpening it.One pencil lasts for long and the packaging of the product is not bad either.

I tried to use it on my lower lashline and it didn’t irritate or sting my eyes but it hardly show on my lower lash line.

The liner comes with transparent plastic cap which gives you the feel of the actual color and I do not have to search it in the whole lot of eyeliners.

Rating – 3.5/5

Will I re – purchase – Yes , I will.

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  1. what about after applying eyeliner to the waterline, does it stay for long??.. Suggest me an eyeliner for waterline…

  2. is brown eye liner ………is also good for eyes which r small and having darkcircles also………………………………………….?????

  3. I have small eyes and have Medium-Dark skin color…(something like Konkana Sen). do you think this thing will work for me? I think that brown will not be visible on my skin color so doubtful…

  4. I am sucker for this and Maybelline glosses. Two of the staples in my vanity.. I just apply it on my lower lash and smudge it gives a nice smoky effect

  5. I am sucker for this and Maybelline glosses. Two of the staples in my vanity.. I just apply it on my lower lash and smudge it gives a nice smoky effect :beauty:

    • yes i love the smokey looks smita..and by the way have u tried loreal 6H lip gloss..they r better than maybelline glosses which i have used.


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