Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Quad 140 Covetable Cobalt Review & Swatches



Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Quad 140 Covetable Cobalt

Hey everyone, the Blast From The Past series is coming to an end very soon as all of us have almost finished the eyeshadow reviews. By the way we have something really exciting coming up, which of course we’ll tell you but not now 😛 Today’s post is about this quad from Maybelline, which sadly broke in transit 🙁


Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Covetable Cobalt


Price: $ 10

About Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Quad:

The company says that these eyeshadows are silky smooth and offer a rich color pay off.

Packaging – It is the signature Maybelline Eyeshadow Quad packaging :-P. The packaging is not at all sturdy, you drop it once and have a “Holi” on your floor. Comes with an applicator which is clearly of no use though I used it to swatch the colors on my hand 😛


Maybelline Eyestudio Quad Covetable Cobalt


My Experience with Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Quad 140 Covetable Cobalt

So this quad has four seductive shades, though the first two broke and shattered and my heart broke with them because it is such a pretty set of colors to play with (*which indeed I have done today in my eye look :P*) Now let’s analyze all shades individually as they have different staying power, pigmentation and everything else that matters 😛


Maybelline Eyestudio Quad Covetable Cobalt swatch


Shade 1 – This is a pretty silver color which is sheer in pigmentation but serves well as a highlighter. There was a very minor fall out with this one and it started to fade after 3 hours without a primer, this is the longest staying shade.

Shade 2 – This one was completely empty before reaching me, though I picked up little color from here and there where it was shattered :-D. This is pretty shimmery silver, intense than shade 1. I had to almost pack it on my lids to get the intensity because it starts fading within application itself. This had major fallouts and started to crease after 1 hour.

Shade 3 – This is a sheerly pigmented royal blue and it appears very sheer if you blend it nicely. So I had to blend it, layer it, blend it, layer it until I got the desired color. The texture of this particular color is powdery and falls out a lot. The intensity stayed for just an hour.

Shade 4 – The last shade is a nice blue black color with chunky blue shimmers which I liked being a shimmer lover. It blends nicely but gets sheer when you blend. The texture is very powdery but it didn’t fall out that much. Stayed for longest time of all the colors being a dark color.

Summing it up overall

  • Texture– 3/5
  • Fallout– 5/5
  • Longetivity– 3/5 (it stays fresh for only 3+ hours then starts fading without a primer)
  • Pigmentation– 2.5/5
  • Application– 3/5

Let’s have the pro’s and con’s now.

What I like about Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Quad 140 Covetable Cobalt Nice colors.

  • Easily available.

What I don’t like about Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Quad 140 Covetable Cobalt

  • Powdery texture.
  • Fall outs 🙁
  • Chunky shimmers can look OTT.
  • Sheer pigmentation.
  • Shade 2 creases.
  • Starts fading very soon.
  • Requires a lot of product to show up.


Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Quad Covetable Cobalt


Do I Recommend Maybelline Eyestudio 125 Take It Off

I will recommend this quad to beginners who are looking for a budget palette to go with a particular outfit. But if you’re looking for a particular color from this palette I would say you should pick up any other better mono eyeshadow.

Rating: 2.5/5

Have you tried Maybelline Eyestudio Eyeshadow Quad 140 Covetable Cobalt?

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  1. This is such a beautiful shade.. too bad yur quad reached broken .

    P.S – I think this is yur best eotd or may be m getting biased towards blue 🙂

    • Hehe Thank you Ana Di. Blue is my favourite colour 😀 I decided to go really dramatic with this one because it is “blue” 😛

    • Hehe Thanks Mitra, finally my mehnat of creating a gradient got noticed 😛 This is what i wanted to achieve 🙂 😀 :-*


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