Maybelline FIT ME Blush Light Pink: Review, Swatches



Maybelline FIT ME Blush in Light Pink: Review, Swatches


Hi All,


This is one of the the blushes my friend picked up for me from the US 2months earlier. I loved the color at first sight but on usage I realised that this isn’t quite what I expected…or wanted…


Maybelline fit me blush + maybelline cometics

Product Claim:-



Why You’ll Love It

  • Lightweight pigments blend easily and wear evenly
  • Provides a natural, fade-proof cheek color that leaves skin the way it was meant to be…fresh, breathing, and natural


For Best Results

  • For soft, natural look, brush along cheekbone, sweeping upward.

Maybelline fit me blush + maybelline blush

  • Price: $5.51
  • Quantity: 3.5g

Maybelline fit me blush +maybelline makeup

My take on the Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Light Pink:


  • Packaging: The blush comes in a plastic rectangular packaging with a dome shaped transparent lid which makes it easy to identify the shades. It also comes with a brush which is quite nice for touch ups.

Maybelline fit me blush + maybelline make up


  • Color: Light pink is the shade name and true to its name, its is the lightest of pinks ever and more or less a baby pink shade

Maybelline fit me blush + swatch


  • Pigmentation & Texture: This blush has a very soft texture…but what’s the use when it doesn’t show up ?? 🙁 When swatched, it does look a bit chalky but I again cannot say for sure since the color doesn’t show up AT ALL on me. Yes…it’s that bad. The color is so very faint that I have to practically dig into the pan if I want the blush to MILDLY show up.


Maybelline fit me blush + maybelline products


  • Staying Power: I can’t comment on this as a blush, but as a highlighter this stays for about 1 hr. Totally disgusting…but I’ve been scrambling to use it in any way possible and this is the best I can come up with….Any suggestions?


Maybelline fit me blush + maybelline fit

  • Application:As a blush this is useless. Its so light and the color payoff is so disgusting. Its better off used as a compact or a highlighter (if you HAVE to use it). I’ve been using it as a highlighter in fact and it works so-so this way.



Pros of Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Light Pink:

  • Although it doesn’t serve its intended purpose of a blush, atleast it works as a highlighter...sort of…I know I’m scrambling for good things to say here..
  • A matte shade without any shimmers
  • Comes with a brush
  • The packaging is quite attractive
  • Comes in a variety of shades and i hope the darker shades fare better.
  • No detectable fragrance.



Maybelline fit me blush + blush maybelline


Cons of Maybelline Fit Me Blush in Light Pink:-

  • Pigmentation is baaaaaadddd! It doesn’t show up as a blush at all.
  • Too pricey for the quality.
  • Availability is a problem.




  • Pigmentation: 2/5
  • Texture: 3.5/5
  • Packaging: 5/5
  • Staying Power: 3/5
  • Price vs. Quality: 3/5

 Do any of you know of an alternate way I could use this? If so, pls enlighten me too 😉


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    • seriously….this is the worst blush ever! ive used chalky ones, super bright ones so many that havent worked for me but this takes the cake…its worthless!

  1. Good morning 🙂

    i used this blush for the 1st time…i mean it was the 1st time someone applied a blush on me for a bharatanatyam performance and it never showed 🙂 i am totally with you on what you are saying!!! its a total :duh: product

      • Oh dear..when Ana compiles a list of worst Maybelline product we will put this in first place :)…hw was ur day yesday..did u do any (makeup) shopping? hubby took leave yestday n we went to amanora..I went all bonkers in the Colorbar store there :silly:

        • haha..definitely…its goin oto in the hall of fame for worst blushes ever.. 😉

          no makeup shopping re…i am broke coz of the gift i gave hubs..and hubs is broke after giving me so many gifts for bday and anni..hehe…m trying not to even look at make up!

          wot did u get from colobar?

          • Lots of things 😛 ..Hubby ran out of the store with his CC before billing :-(( So I was left alone to pay for everything. 😥 Anyways as he says he is not paying for any cosmetics before the ban period 😥 😥 😥 ..Anywys will soon post pics of my haul post 😀

            • haha!! a very good tarkeeb..ill never leave my hubs wid urs…aise cheezein nahi seekhni chahiye na 😉 my hubs wont leave my side….and then when m billing will pay and look at me and say ‘ITNAAAA????’ haha!

  2. Gdmnrg zara :makeup: gdmrg Ana :makeup: gdmng allll !!!! :-* :-*

    zara first of all belated HAPPY ANNIVERSARYYYYYY !! hope u had a gr8 time 🙂 😉 sry m wishing late 😕

    My last exm is on 22nd then i’l b bck wid a bang 😀 😀 :makeup: :smoke:

    use it as a e/s nd highliter :p this is jus toooo faint color to show up + luks soooo chalky 😕

    Hws uuuuuuu ? 😀

    • gmorning switty 🙂 thanks so much for thewishes…i had a blast 🙂

      yeyyy! matlab only 2 more days..then switty will b freee!! 🙂

      gud idea..ill try to use this on my brow bone..i dont think it will even show up as a proper e/s also ! 🙂 🙂

    • Heyyyyyyyyyyy oppppsi ..i can believe that Christmas is around and coming Sunday is Christmas….what am i suppose to doooooooooo …i will go MAD LOLZ

  3. Haaa jus 2 days then i’d be free 😀 bs 23rd ko neice ka bday, fir 24th ko christmas eve then 25th ko sara din busy 😀 fir pura pura free… 😀 u tell hw did u celebrated ur anniv ? :makeup: :makeup:

    • haha! already so many plans.. 🙂

      id gone to aurangabad over the weekend and kal to some friends had come over and we watched some movies on tv 🙂

  4. That’s terrible!
    Good morning though 😀
    As you said, if it doesnt show up that much and its nottoo pink, maybe you can use it as a setting powder? the colour looks similar to n just slightly pinker than lakme rose powder na, so same use try karlo good luck!! 🙂 🙂

    • hi Ani…i was also so happy t see this shade…i thought it wud be another pretty pink in my vanity…but then it works so badly…actualy, it doesnt even work!

  5. Oh no.. ive asked my cousin to buy maybelline fit me blushes in two shades.. one is a coral shade and the other is a pink one.. 🙁 arre.. if the blush queen doesnt know how to use this one what do I do :-((

      • scrape it out of the pan, add a bit of thick body lotion (base) or face cream and mix well… i saw a tutorial recently by an indian blogger where she used vodka / alcohol to set it and added fragrant oil. But that can be skipped imo. Add a drop of foundation and some translucent powder to control the shimmer. That’s it… your customised highlighter…. 🙂

        You can also mix this with vaseline and eye shadow primer and turn this into a cream shadow…. hope this helps 🙂

  6. but i like the brushes, that expert wear wala , n this one is also same kind packaging and brush too.. they are good for touch ups, better than the brushes provided by most of the other brands…

    • that i do agree shale…the brush is better thanthe others…but wot use is the brush if the blush doesnt work 😉 maybe ill use it for someother blush instead 🙂

  7. Too bad it doesn’t show up Z :loser: Don’t worry…try using it in summer to set ur fav cream blushes so that they dont streak or turn ur face oily. N since ure fair…u can powder it n a mix with a li’l shimmer lotion n use as a face base (like oriflam’es peach me, u get zara’s pink me 😛 )

  8. I have tried so many shades but i haven’t got the perfect shade. Finally i tried Maybelline’s Pink Blush and it wonders, this is the perfect shade I am looking for. Suits really very well according to my skin tone. I am so happy.

  9. two tricks , you could mix some glycerine, vodka, and make this blush into a liquidy/creamy texture, then add this in your skin lotion or tinted moisturiser, just for a pinkish glow. i made a liquid highlighter of a shiny maybelline blush , it was called apricot flush.


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