Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner Review And Swatches


Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner 

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It is a good thing that Maybelline is finally waking up to the Indian market and launching new products frequently. I was very intrigued when I saw the ad in a magazine for hyper sharp eyeliner. It seemed to be an idiot-proof way to draw wings and artistic designs as it claimed to have a super fine tip, hence the name, Hypersharp. I had seen this eyeliner across the internet and in general it has had very god reviews all over. I was mighty impressed with Hyper glossy eyeliner and it actually replaced my gel eyeliners for me. So, did the eyeliner live up to the hype? Read on

Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner Review +best eye liner

What maybelline says about Hypersharp eyeliner?

Whether its a glamorous night out or a Sunday brunch, good eye makeup can instantly bring life to your ensemble. While most of us would love to sport different looks, we are not confident of our grip and hand movement. Fret not, as Maybelline New York launches its HYPERSHARP ULTRA FINE LINER. With a .05mm soft brush tip, you can define your eyes with ultra precision and intense colour. Be it the classic winged line or the Cleopatra tilt, creating exquisite designs just got easier! So, go ahead and display your artistry with aplomb!

  • Price: Rs 375.You can buy it from Nykaa.

Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner Review Pencil+eyeliner pencil review

What i feel about Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner:-

Well for starters, this product is sheer genius. Its absolutely idiot-proof and even the unsteadies of hands can apply this neatly. I cannot say I have an unsteady hand as I have been a devoted liquid liner user since college, but the intricate designs that ANA churns out were not my cup of tea. I got this and the first thing i tried was some drawing and I managed it, something I have not been able to do so far.

The colour is not the blackest black I would say, but with two swipes you can build up the intensity of the colour. But this eyeliner is more about precision than colour

Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner Review tip+eyeliner

The eyeliner looks like a pen eyeliner but it is actually a fine brush tip, meaning no tugging on the lashline. It feels oh so soft while applying and does not tug at all at the skin. True to its claim, the brush tip is very very fine which makes drawing those super thin lines with ease.You can also draw thick lines with this one, but it takes some effort as the tip is very very thin. So, this is not for the girls who love thick eyeliner. Having said that, doing winged eye looks or graphic liner looks is a breeze with Hypersharp. Its also very easy to line the lower lashline owing to the fine tip and you dont end up with very thick lines on your lower lashline.

The liner dries fairly quickly and yes it survived an emotional movie yesterday, so the staying power is good. Its water resistant but no water proof and comes out easily with face wash and water or any makeup remover. So its as easy to remove as it is to apply. An eyeliner of this quality for 375 bucks is total VFM in my opinion.

Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner  Swatches:-

Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner Review hand swath+liquid eyeliner

Lines can be drawn from thin to thick

The eyeliner does not sting when applied on lower lashline. I am a contact lens wearer and I wore it very very comfortably.

All in all I would say, that Maybelline has knocked the ball out of the park in the drugstore market with this kind of a product at a very reasonable price.Do i sound too excited? thats coz I am..I love this eyeliner.

Here Is How  Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner Looks On My Eyes:-

Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner Review EOTD+how to put on eyeliner

Summing it up

What I like about Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner:-

  • Very fine brush tip which makes drawing thin lines a breeze.
  • No tugging and pulling at the skin
  • Did not sting my eyes even when i wore it on lower lash line
  • Dark black color which can be intensified
  • Good staying power and does not smudge when dry.
  • Perfect for graphic eyeliner looks

What I don’t like about Maybelline Hypersharp Eyeliner:-

  • This is not a con per se but ladies who like thick liner will not like this.

My rating: 4.5/5

Also checkout the video

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