Maybelline India Vivid Matte Lipstick Vivid2 Neon Pink Review, Swatches, FOTD


Maybelline India Vivid Matte Lipstick Vivid2 Neon Pink

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Today I am sharing with you a review on Maybelline India Vivid Matte Lipstick. A very nice shade which sure should appeal you from the pictures itself if you still have not seen it for real.’

maybelline vivid neon pink lipstick

Packaging- Let’s come to the packaging first, it is a similar packaging for all colors which gets a little confusing at times until you check the bottom for the name of the lipstick or you actually remove the cap. So a little trouble exists in the packaging.

About Maybelline India Vivid Matte Lipstick Vivid2 Neon Pink

The shade is good enough to last 4-5 hours. It does not fade out or give away leaving me stranded. I guess it understands a woman’s fetish to look fresh really well. It does not wash me off.

The shade has a good rich pigmentation which does not fall out of place or get chapped post some hours of wear.


If you are actually looking for a neon pink color which does not wash you out and stays probably for good 4-5 hours, you sure should try this one. You may actually try it out at a store. It would surely give you an idea of what this lipstick is all about.

It does leave its original color sometime after application. Like after 2-3 hours it leaves a good tint. But ya one thing that I would like to point out is that it does not survive post you eat something. It is imperative for you to reapply it after a meal.

The pigmentation however is the USP of this lipstick which gives you a perfect look and for which you would agree to take up the effort of reapplication.

Neon pink maybelline lipstick swatches

The texture of the lipstick is another thing to look out for. It is soft and semi matte. It would not make you feel drying or done with the lip color. The best part is that it would not settle into the fine lines making your lips appear wrinkled or otherwise chapped.

I would definitely advise you to try it as I liked its performance and I am also liking its color. It glides smoothly on your lips and fills in the creases well making you look good.

vivid neon pink lotd

The only concern I see is that it might appear a little incomplete to people who are looking for a matte lipstick entirely. This might give you a feel that it is neither too glossy nor matte. But believe me once you try it, it is not that bad a choice.

Do share your reviews  and comments.

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