Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 3 Review & Swatches


Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 3 Review & Swatches

Today I am super excited as finally I got my hands on Maybelline Lip Polish. I have been desperately waiting to buy at least one from this range as it is such an innovative lip product. Several times the SA at the Maybelline counter answered back in negative whenever I asked them if the lip polish range has arrived. This time when I saw these on the racks I could not control my happiness and quickly purchased one. Here goes the review of the shade I picked up.


Maybelline Lip Polish


About Maybelline Lip Polish:

  • Potent Color Extracts: Pure saturated color pigments that provide deep intense color like a lipstick.
  • Concentrated Liquid Balm: Moisturizing Liquid Conditioning Balm gets the lips ready for Intensely Rich color. Gives a soft Cushiony feel & care to the lips.
  • Glossy Shine Serum: Built-in glossy top-coat, that makes lips look fuller & more luscious.
  • Specially designed Leaf-shaped applicator which makes application quick & precise.

Price: 450 INR for 5ml.You can buy from flipkart here


Maybelline Lip Polish Glam3



I love the packaging because it is so unique. It looks as if a lipstick tip is placed upside down in a transparent case. Whenever I use new lipstick I keep a check on my hands so that the lipstick tip does not loose its shape πŸ˜€ but for this I can keep staring at the tip without having to worry about anything. The shade name is mentioned at the bottom and the lip gloss brush provided along with this has a little arched shape to ease application. On the other hand its transparent bottle can be of big help if anyone has many shades of these in their stash.


Glam 3 Maybelline lip polish



The shade Glam 3 is a vibrant orange shade. It is so bright and shiny that the lips look fuller and beautiful. This is absolutely a must have for orange lovers like me. It can also be defined as a partially coral shade because it has some pink mixed with lots of orange color. No added shimmers add so much of grace to this lip polish. This particular shade would suit fair to medium complexions and looks great in daytime. On fading away it leaves behind a subtle orange tint on the lips. Somehow I think this shade is a little distracting so it is best avoided at workplace but great for fun outings in the daytime.

Texture and Pigmentation

This lip polish has a satin and non sticky texture. It is extremely moisturizing as claimed. In fact in the lip swatches I am wearing this lip polish on unexfoliated and dry lips and the dryness is hidden behind this. It is more pigmented than other lip glosses and the award goes to its formula of having intense color in a gloss. This particular shade has enough color to hide the darkness of my lips however; this may not be the same for severely pigmented lips.

 Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 3:-


Maybelline Glam3 swatch


Staying Power:

This stays really long for more than three hours with light snacks in between.  Being a little on the creamier side it slightly gets in between the lips but that is hardly noticeable. However it does not flaunt the uneven and dry skin of lips rather moisturizes the lips and even after fading away the lips remain nourished and soft.

This is a highly recommended lip formula because it is truly revolutionary. It is an all in one kind that is a lipstick cum a lip gloss cum a lip balm. Whether one is an orange lover or a lip gloss fan, this is a must have in at least one shade if not this particular shade.


Glam 3 Maybelline lipswatcj


Summing it up:

What I like about Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 3?

  • Vibrant orange shade
  • No added shimmer
  • Has a glossy finish
  • Moisturizes the lips
  • Non sticky and satin like texture
  • Pigmentation better than other glosses
  • Unique lip gloss brush
  • Leaves behind a subtle orange tint
  • Many shades to choose from
  • Decent staying power
  • No funny smell

What I dislike about Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 3?

  • No mention of spf (How could you miss this Maybelline πŸ™

Overall verdict:

In all this is a an exceptionally great lip polish to flaunt and use, from its long range to colors to its packaging to its texture , pigmentation and finish, this scores full marks in everything . There is nothing that can stop you from getting at least one from this range. Wish they made this a little affordable too πŸ˜€

Wise she rating: 4.5/5

Have you tried Maybelline Lip Polish Glam 3?

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  1. I am getting one for myself. They are so pretty. Nice packaging too πŸ˜€ I find them much better than Loreal stains. πŸ˜›


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