Maybelline lip smooth tinted lip balm Mandarin & Cherry Review & Swatches


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What the company claims:



Maybelline lip smooth tinted lip balm in Mandarin and Cherry reviews


* Revitalized dry /dull lips

* Gives moisturizing shine

* Soften and smoothen lips

* Dermatologically tested


  • Price: INR 99. Available online for lesser.
  • Packaging: The packaging is really cute. It comes in twist-up form. The outer packaging corresponds to the tint of the lipbalm so it is easy to distinguish one from another.
Maybelline lip smooth tinted lip balm in Mandarin and Cherry

I asked the SA at the Maybelline counter to give me the most pigmented shade of the lot and she recommended cherry. Considering the serious trust issues I have, I proceeded to swatch each and every shade to make sure and guys, she was right. Cherry turned out be the most pigmented. It’s is lovely pink shade that goes on really warm. It’s like the lip balm version of my favorite lipgloss– lotus herbals winter berry crush. The best part is that the color actually shows up, even on my pigmented lips, so plus points for that. The other shade I picked up was mandarin and my only objective behind getting his was that I wanted a shade that could add some warmth to my lips. Mandarin is orangish-pink i.e. more orange than pink.


Maybelline lip smooth tinted lip balm in Mandarin and Cherry swatches


The texture is non-greasy and really moisuturizing and it works well on my chapped lips even in the winters. The plastic-y smell might be a turn-off for some.


 Maybelline Lip Smooth Tinted Lip Balm – Pros 


  •  Really moisturizing.
  •  Not greasy.
  • Has SPF.
  • Priced decently.
  • The shades- mandarin and cherry are pretty pigmented and show up on my pigmented lips.


Maybelline Lip Smooth Tinted Lip Balm  – Cons


  • Will not hide pigmentation as it isn’t opaque. It’s just tinted.


Will I recommend this: Yes!…Everyone who wants a lipbalm that come in a pretty tube, does what it claims and looks good should try this.


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  1. mere pass hai cherry wala..its really nice.. me likey likey d mandarin wala too.. nice choice swats.. :-)) one pair lips..itni saare lipbalms kaha lagau :silly:

  2. I did not like these at first due to fragrance…..but when I started liking and using more…my dad stole it…. 😥 😥 I am going to get cherry now.. :-*

  3. I love mandarin 😀 i just layer an orange lip pencil below it and top it up with this lip balm and it looks so lovely 😀 coral is absolutely adorable color 🙂

  4. i m the silent reader of wiseshe nd this is my first comment… i love reading reviews.,these reviews are really a big help….anamika you look really cute

  5. i got the mandarin one and it is good but doesnt show up :duh: :brokenheart: :brokenheart: but is good

    btw i am new here and i badly need tips….


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