Maybelline MNY My Lipgloss Tube 385 Review & Swatches


Maybelline MNY My Lipgloss Tube 385


Maybelline is usually a brand where you would start your cosmetics journey. Not too hyped, not too lowered. Just the right kind of brand with quality products.

Here is a lipgloss which I bought recently. I am on a hunt of finding a clear colored lipgloss, that is absolutely light weight. I don’t want any kind of texture in it. But I do want a juicy shiny look on my lips. The demands may seem a little too much. I am stubborn in finding one now. I cannot rest.


Maybelline MNY My Lipgloss


Price: £ 4.59. It is available on ebay  for £1.52

Shade: It is numbered. EH? I don’t follow the number system. Why can’t they do the naming ceremony? 385 is a clear colored gloss with golden shimmery particles.


Maybelline MNY Lipgloss


Texture: The gloss is glossy, that is why it is made a gloss. :-P. Bad Joke. It is not too light as I want it to be. There is some amount of thickness. It not too sticky though. It gives the glossy shine that I love. But I am still looking for a different kind of gloss.

Staying power: Easily without any problem for close to 5 hours. But it does not survive a food interval. It goes off vanishing.


Maybelline MNY 385


Shimmers: They are not chunky or too glittery. They don’t make your lips look like a disco ball, that is for sure. But the shimmers do not vanish easily the way gloss vanishes. You have to remove them yourself manually.


Maybelline My Lipgloss 385Lipgloss worn over Revlon Colorburst Lipstick Peach


Rating: 3.5/5 (This is not the glossy texture I am looking for. I am still trying other option.)

What I like about Maybelline MNY My Lipgloss Tube 385:

  • Leak free tube pack.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Colorless gloss, goes well over any lipstick.
  • Not heavily thick on the lips.
  • Fine shimmers.
  • Good staying power.
  • Does not make the lips feel sticky.
  • Very affordable price.

What I don’t like about Maybelline MNY My Lipgloss Tube 385:

  • Not too very light on the lips.
  • Shimmers do not go off easily from the lips.

Have you tried Maybelline MNY My Lipgloss Tube 385?

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    • oh.. ok.. will check mac
      I just found a gloss from too faced.. and have ordered. waiting… dont know how it will suit my needs. let me see…

  1. I hate it whn shimmers gt stuck in my lip lines..looks horrid..i dunno any clear d best ive used which were lightweight n non sticky were revlon colorburat glosses…those were fab..duno if they hav a clear variant tho..


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