Maybelline MNY My Shadow 147A Review & Swatches


Maybelline MNY My Shadow 147A


Maybelline has so many products. It satisfies everybody’s taste and needs.

Here is a single eye shadow, again with a lizard image on top of the pan lid. These lizards will make me stop using the products.


Maybelline MNY My Shadow 147A


Package: A square type of pan with transparent lid. The shuts with a stiff click. Half of the lid has some stupid graphics. They have included a lizard on the lid of a eye shadow pan.. :-O


Maybelline 147A MNY My Shadow


Shade: In the pan it looks………..I don’t know. On my eyes it looks a little purplish when used along with other colors. The swatch does not look purple too. I really can’t name this color. Please stare at the images as much as you want and conclude yourself what color this is.


Maybelline MNY My Shadow 147


Texture: I have a mixed type of feel here. It looks powdery actually, but it is easy to work on the lids. Blends easily with other shades.

On its own, the color isn’t too good on the eyes. Especially if you have dark circles, then definitely not a good choice.


Maybelline MNY My Shadow 147 swatch


I usually use this along with my typical silky shades. I have included 2 types of diff eye look here.


Maybelline MNY My Shadow 147 eyemakeup

Used on the base eyeshadow

Maybelline MNY My Shadow 147 eotd

Used directly on the lid


I like this, and at time I don’t like this because I cannot use this just by itself. I cannot do complicated or multiple eye shadow make up very easily.

Over all, I like the way it looks when used with other shimmery shades. This is the first of its kind I have tried. 🙂

Rating: 4/5

Price: £2.00

What I like about Maybelline MNY My Shadow 147A:

  • Good mess free pan package.
  • travel frienldy
  • variety of shades from the range
  • smooth texture
  • easily blendable with other shade.
  • non-shimmery, matte shade

What I don’t like about Maybelline MNY My Shadow 147A:

  • no silky look to the shade.
  • if you dont like matte look, then sip this one.
  • cannot be worn easily on its own.
  • combination with other shades is preferable.

Have you tried Maybelline MNY My Shadow 147A?

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