Maybelline MNY My Shadow 433 Review & Swatches


Maybelline MNY My Shadow 433


I always end up buying the same color. Same in the sense, similar ones. A little hue more or less or something different mixed to the base color. Phew. I will never overcome this I think.

Here is an eyeshadow form Maybelline. It is Maybelline MNY My Shadow 433.


Maybelline MNY My Shadow 433


Price: £2.00

Package: A single eyeshadow in a plastic pan with a see through lid. A portion of the lid has a design. At one end it is of a lizard (I think it is lizard only) and the other end it is a eye makeup. But eeeeeeeeee….why lizard!!! I don’t like that weird idea of design on the lid.

Shade: Again a number system product. 433!! Eh! What does that mean! To be practically speaking it is a bronze brown with gold shimmers and hue shade, something that is perfect for everyday and soft eye look.


Maybelline MNY Mono Shadow 433


If you are a first timer with eye makeup then begin with this tiny pan. You will feel better and confident. Psst.. My every eye shadow looks like a first timer/beginner shade. :-P. Looks like I will never grow up with my eye makeup.

Texture: Stunning. No falling and getting mess. Comes out with great neatness. Application is very easy. Gets applied where ever you want it to be applied, does not move anywhere else.

A texture that a eye makeup beginner would definitely want to have. And of course, when you are in a hurry, just a little dabbing will work. No talent, no mess, no cleaning, simply quick and clean eye job.


Maybelline Mono EyeShadow 433


Pigmentation: The way you want it. You want it to be the most subtle one, and then use a light hand. If you want a darker looking color like that in the pan, then layer it up. Building the color is so easy. It does not get clumped or creased anywhere.

For the price, it is definitely a must buy. Excellent quality product at a very cheap price.

Rating: 4.8/5 (I have to deduct for the bad idea of introducing a lizard like creature on the lid of a beautiful eyeshadow)


Maybelline MNY 433


What I like about Maybelline MNY My Shadow 433:

  • Soft smooth texture.
  • Beautiful everyday shade.
  • Easy to use product.
  • Travel friendly single pan package.
  • Golden shimmers give extra shine and glow in the product.
  • Fit for beginners and fit for using when in hurry.

What I don’t like about Maybelline MNY My Shadow 433:

  • The package lid has a lizard design (personal opinion)

Have you tried Maybelline MNY My Shadow 433?

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  1. Such a great color and an interesting review Chandni 🙂 even I don’t like weird designs on such pretty cosmetics 😉


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