Maybelline New Watershine Pure Natural Water Lip Color MF21 Review & Swatches


Maybelline New Watershine Pure Natural Water Lip Color MF21


Maybelline New Watershine PURE Natural Water Lip color MF21 review


Maybelline Watershine PURE Natural Water Lipcolor MF21

Maybe I am born with such sexy pinky lips, heck no! Actually…its Maybelline 😛

Alright! If anybody ask me..What did I shop last month??? I would say lippies..lippies and some more lippies…So much so that I end up buying 5 lipsticks last month and it still continues… I just don’t seem to get enough with lipsticks and How can I?? when I am getting such an overdose of beautiful lipstick reviews here on WiseShe. The moment I think “Ok, erica! This is your last and you are not buying anything anymore.. and the very next minute I see.. A’s email “inglot this… lotus herbals that..” And I get back to wiseshe, reads the review infact *drool* on the lovely lips you girls have. Imagine on how awesome this will look on Me and say to myself..Ok! this is affordable and a must have ..This will be the last & finally!hahaha… last & final is still on.. :-P  and the next last and final I bought for this month is Maybelline. When I discovered Maybelline has recently launched or say re-launched the new range of “Maybelline Watershine PURE Natural Water Lipcolor”. I really got curious as to what is so special with the new range and why “pure natural water”? I found out that they have changed their packaging with a very nice aqua blue color with water bubbles as plastic cover pack. Also new range includes “mineral water” hence it is named as “pure natural water”.

Maybelline New Watershine Pure Natural Water Lip Color MF21

Maybelline offers wet shine in a classic lipstick. A new formula with spring water for the freshest wet shine, sheer color and fresh moisture for thirsty lips! 10 deliciously fresh shades

  • Price – Rs. 219 for 3.9gm, I got this from with discount…Yippie  (somewhere I am saving some money :-P)
  • Packaging – Very cute! I like the new packaging very much. It is absolutely in sync with the name and the performance of the lipstick *watershine* 🙂

Maybelline New Watershine PURE Natural Water Lip color MF21 pink Review

Maybelline Watershine PURE Natural Water Lipcolor MF21 Swatch


Maybelline New Watershine PURE Natural Water Lip color MF21 Swatches

           Maybelline MF21 LIPSTICK WATERSHINE ON MY LIPS                         

                                                                                            With flash                                         Without flash

I got this in shade MF21, it’s a pretty cute, subtle, yet hot lipcolor! Its not shimmery but simply glossy, like a bubblegum pink in color. It has sheer to medium pigmentation which is very buildable. I LOVE the watery look it gives on my lips, so dewy and fresh. Maybelline has 10shades in their new range. They all are very fresh and perfect for everyday wear shade including this one. This lippy is perfect for summer’s, good timing I must say Maybelline ;). This is like a drop of water on a deserted land for those who love lipsticks more than lip glosses like me J Because this one doesn’t go dry on lips, I didn’t even need a lip balm underneath, it has good moisturizing, the only think is that it doesn’t last long and you need to re-apply it but it doesn’t simply zap away, it leaves you with a lovely pink hue which I find looks so natural on lips as if they were naturally pink. I am such a sucker for pink lipsticks. I got 2 of these and both are lovely. This is the kind of pink which is suitable for every skintone and can be easily replaced by a lipgloss. Outline it well with any pink lip pencil and your all set for the day. 🙂

What I like about Maybelline Watershine PURE Natural Water Lipcolor :-

  • Bubblegum pink
  • Watery shine & glossy look
  • Good at hydration & moisturization
  • Leaves a nice pink hue
  • New packaging
  • No need to apply lipbalm
  • Very Affordable
  • Stays for 2-3hrs

What I dislike about Maybelline Watershine PURE Natural Water Lipcolor :-

  • Doesn’t last long and need to re-apply

Will I re-purchase  – LOL! Needless to say that I got 2 of these and one more is going to be my last & final soon 😛 I am eyeing the “dragonfly red” in this range 😉

Ratings – 4/5  :-* :-*

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  1. I love these.
    M is for mauves, right?
    Doesnt look mauve-ish.

    I swipe mine like a zillion times (I stop counting after six :P) so when it fades it leaves behind a lovely stain. Me likey.

  2. your lips are like ….. 😯 😯 wow….sadly…my mom and my school doesnt allow lippies so only revlon corburst lipgloss for me 😥 😥 😥 😥 😥

  3. I soooo luv this was my first watershine lippy and I really like it till nw 🙂 it doesn’t bleed on my lips and doesn’t even settle luv..

    And Ric!! Tere honth ka kya kehna!! Wah! Wah!;)

  4. BTW..girlies..I Got RED lowlights done finally..kindly have a sneak peek at my FB profile to check em out! 😉 :yippee:

        • pucho mat…at 1st it dint show up in my jet black hair at all… I went to ENRICH waha pe color nai aaya.. i went to local salon and she used loreal hair color twice fir bhi nai aayaa and finally STREAX hair color worked on my hair at just rs. 150 per strand! :tap-dance: :sweat: :yippee:

                • Arreee good job! BLOODY loser hair expert guy ..he made me “ullu” i told him first only color wont come..he said guarantee tit will come n den nai aaya toh he said go in sunlight and after 2days ur color will come dats y i paid him the money or else kabhi nai pay karti! :pissedoff:

                  • Now toh I can color my hair on my own i learned the trick from the salon where i got my hair done! :dance-left-right:

                    • Arreee just take a silver foil paper take the hair strand u want to color , put it on the silver foil , make a mixture of the hair color from streax , apply the mixture on ur hair strand and after that fold the silver foil roll it and put a clip to ur hair! wait for 1hour or more according to the color of ur hair and then wash it off and apply conditioner!Voila..ur done! 😀 :yes:

  5. Wow Erica so very loving the shade on ur lips its a hot pink shade and bonus is its moisturising coz my lips r very dry


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