Maybelline New Watershine Pure Natural Water Lipcolor F21 Review, Swatches & FOTD


Hello beautiful girls out here,

Happy weekendThis weekend was totally fun. Full of colors, happiness, laughter, sweets and of course holidays. 😛 The week just flew away with the blink of an eye. I hardly worked this week anyway because I was so excited about getting holiday on HOLI and soon after that Saturday Sunday and I will grab some time to write more reviews 😀 So here I bring you a new review Maybelline Watershine PURE Natural Water Lipcolor F21. Well, you know what? I Think Maybelline guys are really confused with their shades. The MF21 which we all thought would be mauve turned out to be bubblegum pink and this lipcolor F21 is more of mauvish-pink. But the good thing is no matter what they claim the shades to be, the fact remains that the shades are really pretty and suitable for every women. So, Maybelline you are forgiven to confuse Us. 😛 Initially, I thought this shade won’t suit me.I don’t have a single mauve in my collection fearing that mauve’s don’t suit me. But this shade F21 is really a very pretty mauvish-pink and went well with my skintone and I am sure if it suits me then it will suit anyone.!

 Maybelline Watershine PURE Natural Water Lipcolor F21

Maybelline Watershine PURE Natural Water Lipcolor F21 reviews

About Maybelline Watershine Lipsticks:-

Maybelline offers wet shine in a classic lipstick. A new formula with spring water for the freshest wet shine, sheer color and fresh moisture for thirsty lips! 10 deliciously fresh shades

  • Price – Rs. 219 for 3.9gm.. This one is too from  …i love their discounts 😀


Without Flash                                                                                       With Flash


My Experience with Maybelline Watershine PURE Natural Water Lipcolor F21-

It’s a very pretty mauvish-pink lipcolor. I used to never buy mauves thinking that they don’t suit me. But this one suited me so well that I will look out for more mauves in Maybelline. I just love the tint it leaves after few hours which is darker pink in color not gaudy but looks cute. I usually don’t wear lipstick to office everyday because as it is everyone has a problem that I even apply tinted lip balm to office (Dumb people don’t know the difference between liptint and lipstick 😛 ) But this lipcolor is so wearable that it feels that the shade is just designed for officewear. J It will suit most of us.  Looks like the color is made for Indian skintones , very moisturizing, sheer to medium pigmentation, with glossy effect and NO NEED OF LIPBALM. This color is not too bright so will suit all age group. Women who are color-shy can go for this one without giving second thoughts. 🙂

Below is how it looks on ME 🙂


                                                                              Perfect for everyday wear na? 😀



What I like about Maybelline Watershine PURE Natural Water Lipcolor F21-

  • ·Mauvish pink
  •  Suitable for all age
  • No need of lipbalm
  • Moisturizing and hydrating
  • Leaves a Darker pink tint
  • Very affordable

What I dislike about Maybelline Watershine PURE Natural Water Lipcolor F21-

Will I re-purchase– 

Yes, yes, yes! Maybelline lippies are my favourite.

The lipstick brand which I own maximum currently is from MAYBELLINE! 🙂

Rating – 4/5 :-* :-*

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  1. Erica u looking hot babes…and like u even i use to think plum doesn’t look good on me but later on i realized that it does:)

    • i have tried their cream lip sticks…the formula is amazing..lekin do check out the colors…remember ive reviewed one here that we’d ordered from CC? wogi wala…

  2. Erica..ur simply stupefying..Love the color n am gonna order 1 right nw in stylecraze.. :dance-left-right: :dance-left-right:

    • Well! here the girls are anti make up kinda..they don wwear make up..n they are like y does she put make up everyday n cum! seriously sum girls i tell u.. but i just ignore dem..coz later on they cum to seeking for advices with make up looks! 😛 😀

      • I understand how it feels, I do the basic makeup for office with an compact, eyeliner, kajal, mascara and lipstick and an occasional e/s but I have found girls giving me an odd look. I have had ppl asking me if I have a funtion to attend. 😯 😯 😯

        I just dont care. dressing up just boosts my confidence. 😀

              • I will never go undone.. seriously! I will take all my kit and do my make up on my way to the a car, rickshaw whatever but i will go perfectly perfect with everything ON 😛 I don wana look zombie at the function! 😉

          • I tell them “no way am going a function looking like this. for a function you have to dress up, not like this.” without batting an eye.

            I have to travel 1hr by car, train and auto b4 i reach office so I have to do my makeup in office. Just hate everyone giving me looks. . .

            • Hehehe.. i agree Sunandha! Even i don like million eyeballs looking at me when i do my make up. when i do my make up, i just want to b left alone with my make up! 😉 :-))

              • When I worked for Satyam too I did the same but then there was so many ppl who used to do the same, so it was fun.

                I work from home now, so its clear face all the time now.


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