Maybelline Orange Nail Polish NOTD


When I first started experimenting with orange I thought it is not for me.Most orange nail polishes , lipstick or blushes made me look dark but when I started studying orange deeply I figured out where I was going wrong.I was not choosing the right orange shade  which completely washed me out.

You can see how orange blush looks different in orange blush posts here and here.Maybelline Colorma orange nail polish is one of those orange which makes my hands look darker too.I then gave  womsee orange shade  a try which has yellow undertones and it instantly brighten up my hands.

As few of you were interested in seeing how Maybelline orange nail paint so I thought of doing this post today.

Maybelline colorma laranja citrico nail paint

This shade too make my hands look darker but it works moderately well if used  in french manicure.Check orange french manicure nail art here.

Maybelline orange nail paint

Price of colorma Astral nail paint is Rs 85 for 8ml

This  is a orangish red shade and I have used one coat here.

Maybelline colorama artisitca laranja citrico orange nail paint

I still like this nail paints as this shade helps me in making some beautiful orange flowers:)

Which orange colour nail paint suits you?

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  1. wud love to try out this shade on my nails..havent tried yet, same reason that u have mentioned – “Most orange nail polishes , lipstick or blushes made me look dark …”

  2. m not too fond of this color..have seen better orange shades..i actually prefer the peachy type..loos subtle and bright at the same time. and for orange nail art, i use the acrylic tubes.

    • i am so badly engrossed myself..don have time and then running nose..and too much worked has been piled up..:( atleast u can crib abt yur office and feel better..i can crib anything 😛

  3. Awwww..i know how you feel. :sidefrown: i vent out frustration by cribbing about my blogging brings me peace of mind.
    If its any comfort..even i am down with bad cold, mad sneezing and sore throat!! must be the weather.


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