Maybelline V-Face Contour Blush – Pink First Impression


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Maybelline V-Face Contour Blush - Pink First Impression

I surely can’t get enough of Maybelline. Maybelline new launches have always attracted me and I am always in for more and more of the brand in my kitty. And when recently, Maybelline launched their V-face range which had a Contour- Blush- Highlighter in one product, I had to get it. This Maybelline V-face Contour Blush is available in  3 shades – Pink, Coral and Brown but I chose Pink as Pink is In! 😀

Maybelline V-Face Contour Blush - Pink

What the brand claims:

Maybelline New York introduces a  stunning V-face Blush Contour by Face Studio that makes it easy to define, shape and highlight your features like a pro. An all-in-one contouring and face sculpting powder blush, this gives dimension to your face with its color-coordinated blush, contouring shade and highlighter. Promising a 10% slimmer face with an instantly sharper nose in just a few steps, Maybelline V-face Blush Contour can be used to get a rosy blush look, that adds a subtle contour with a rosy satin finish.

  • Three-dimensional contouring blush.
  • Easily blendable with intense pigmentation.
  • Gives a smooth, satin finish.
  • Suitable for all face types – square, round or heart-shaped face.
  • Available in 3 shades Coral, Brown and Pink.


550 INR. You can get the same from Amazon Here


The Maybelline V-face Contour – Pink comes in a rectangular pan that has a V-shape over it. Through it, we can see the 3 shades clearly and so even if you have multiple of these, no issues! All the information is written at the back which is a big yay as that helps to know the product even if you throw the cover away. The box opens and closes with a click which makes it really travel-friendly as we know that it won’t spill out. The packaging is quite sturdy and serves the need really well. The size is also really small and so is perfect to keep along. Overall, a big yay for packaging!


Very smooth and even texture. It is not at all chalky and is pretty blendable on the cheeks.


There are 3 colours in the palette
Light pink: Used for highlighting (if you love a pink highlighter). It gives a soft glow to the face and is definitely not on-the-face kind of highlighter. The highlighter is for fair-medium skin tone.
Deep pink: Gives a rosy glow to the cheek. The colour is universal and so will suit all skin tones.
Brown: This is the contour shade in the V-face and will suit fair to medium skin tone as the colour is not that deep to suit dusky skin tone. It is perfect for nose highlighting and also a light bronzing.


Pigmentation is low-medium which is definitely buildable. Perfect for beginners as they can work out their looks without the fear of going over the top.

That’s all folks! A detailed review will be up on the blog very soon!

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