Maybelline Violet Pink lipstick Vivid Matte Review, Swatch & FOTD


Maybelline Violet Pink lipstick Vivid Matte Review

Hi Ladies!

In continuation to my review of Maybelline Lipsticks Vivid Matte, I am sharing today the swatch and review of the violet pink shade. This basically is a pink color with violet hint. The shade does not make you look aged. As I mentioned in my last review about these lipstick swatches, I told you that I would test these on all parameters I can and here I am with the review of the violet pink color in all possible manners.:)

Hope you will like it 🙂


On testing I found it pretty smooth to glide on my lips. It didn’t crease and pigmentation of the shade wasn’t bad at all. The lips certainly look good once you apply the color. A single swipe gives a nice color. Two swipes are more than enough for the right violet pink color. The coverage is smooth and covers all your creases without making them look wrinkled. The initial impression is glossy which dries to matte when the lips adjust to the color. The final color is quite sexy and you can see it in the pictures as well to have an idea about the look.


The matte finish is semi-matte which does not dry or wash out completely.

The price of these lipsticks is INR 475 for 3.9 grams pack seems quite reasonable for these lipsticks given the brand they belong to.


I have no qualms over the packaging as long as I know that the color is distinct enough for me to distinguish from others in the lot. Plus the pigmentation is superb to make me use it. The color itself is so tempting and goes fine with any season, attire or skin tone. This color is definitely suitable for warmer skin tone albeit I am not sure of cooler skin tone

vivid violet pink maybelline india.

In case you have already tried this do share your opinion with me. Though I know people vary in choices and preferences but I still am confident that you also would like this color. If you do not agree, please do let me know. It would be interesting to learn more about your views. Even after your meals, you would find a nice tint left that would stay and not leave you. I have included a special picture after I had my meals as well for you to compare it with the initial picture when I applied the color. You can see a healthy tint left after hours. This proves that the color is very durable and does stay for longer hours


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