Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipstick Rosy Orange Review , Swatch & FOTD


Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipstick Rosy Orange

Hi Everyone,

I have kept my promise and this is the last color of the Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipsticks that I am going to review today. This color, rosy orange is a nice color for sure but I do not actually agree to the name of it. I do not understand why have they named it Rosy Orange as it actually is a carrot orange shade?

Maybelline vivid lipstick matte swatches

After reviewing all the shades, I am of the opinion that these shades are pretty limited and not very unique. I wish Maybelline made a few more different shades for a change. I mean these shades are way too common with their better options available even within the same brand. Like, I shared for the Scarlet Red color; the same brand has a better expensive option Continuous Cranberry.

Well, I am not saying that it is not a nice color or all the other colors were bad. I did like both the pink colors but Scarlet Red and Rosy Orange are both okay colors. I mean I do not feel much richer when I own them as I feel there are better shades available or I already have seen these colors before. So the newness or expectations are missing.


Though one positive I feel is that this Orange did not make me look weird like my experience with orange color has been. I always have had a bad day on applying orange colors otherwise as they did not suit me much but this one looked okay on me. So this for sure is a positive thing about this shade.

My Thoughts About Maybelline Vivid Matte Lipstick Rosy Orange

The price of these lipsticks is INR 475 for 3.9 grams pack seems quite reasonable for these lipsticks given the brand they belong to.


Another good thing about these lipstick is the staying power and their ability to not to dry out lips or settle down in fine lines.

I have tried the entire range which includes all these four colors. This means I have formed an opinion which is fair to a large extent as I have aptly tested these products for their performance before forming an opinion. I feel one can pick one or two shades out of this range but even if you do not pick any color, there is much loss in it. This is because all these colors are available in cheaper variants or even in expensive variants with this same brand or other brands which are already selling high.


To this effect, I would suggest you to try these shades or the ones you like only when you are completely convinced that you need them. In case you have seen better shades or you feel there could be better shades available, do check them online before purchasing this range. There are shades like Violet pink and Neon pink which do look good and are definitely must haves but the other two might not please you much.

Rosy orange fotd

Do share your reviews and opinions with me. We love to hear back from you on each of our posts as they mean a lot.

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