Maybelline Vivid and Smooth eyeliner in Metallic Silver Review


Post by Swati,

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I love eye pencils. Being a college student, I do not get much opportunity to apply heavy makeup on my face. Hence, most of the days the only eye makeup I do is applying eye pencils. I am also a hoarder, so this means I have a huge collection of eye pencils in my vanity case. Today I am going to review Maybelline Vivid and Smooth eye liner in Metallic Silver.

Maybelline Vivid And Smooth Eyeliner In Metallic Silver

What the Company claims:

  • Vivid color and Smooth Application ensure that eyes will never be dull again.
  • Available in 12 stunning shades to match your every mood
  • So easy to apply, you can now be your own make up artist!

Maybelline Vivid And Smooth Eyeliner Swatches

Price: INR 200.

I got it for INR 165 because the SA and I have become such buddies! We share a lot of Makeup-prem you see!
The only reason I picked it up was the price tag. The SA swatched a couple of these on my hand and then told me that they cost only 200/-. I figured at such a price, how bad could they be! I tried it on the first day without any expectations and boy, was I surprised and how! I am in love with these and I cannot rave enough. Metallic silver is a dark grayish silver shade with strong blue undertones. Even though its named ‘silver’, it is way darker and sexier than normal silver. It has no gritty shimmers and its only the metallic sheen that gives it such depth. Try it for a smokey eye look and you will not be disappointed.

Maybelline Vivid And Smooth Eyeliner Review

Let’s just get on to the pros and cons, shall we?


  • The pigmentation is awesome and just 1-2 swipes are enough to give the desired metallic color.
  • The texture is very smooth and does not tug at my eye lids at all.
  • The biggest con is its staying power. It gives my oily lids around 7-8 hours of wear without a primer. I need not do any touch-ups throughout the day.
  • It is waterproof. Does not fade away even after washing face with water.
  • The price is significantly lower than any similar  product in the market.
  • The packaging is note-worthy. The transparent cap makes it very easy to see the color of the pencil.


  • Does not stay on my waterline for long. But, then since I mostly use kajal for my waterline, I do not mind this.
  • Shade name is not given on the pencil. I had to look it up on their website.
  • Weight is not mentioned either on the pencil or the website. I was startled when I saw this. Highly unethical, IMHO!
  • You need to use a proper makeup remover to get it off. Just any face wash will not do the job. This is a con for me because I am really lazy, but I am guessing it might be a pro for some!
  • Some say that it stings when used on the waterline. It absolutely does not on me, so I wouldn’t exactly call this a con.

Would I recommend this: Absolutely! If you are an eye-pencil lover like me and love hoarding colored eye pencils, then these are a fun and affordable option. It won’t let you down!

Would I purchase it again: No doubt! First Colossal Kajal and now these…I think Maybelline will soon become my go to brand for all cosmetics!


  1. I like the Vivid and Smooth Range too Swathi.. :tap-dance:

    I have a Golden one, the black one and green one from them…they are pretty smooth na :yes:

    • It’s so smooth that the first time I applied it, I was sure it would smudge horriblly because of its texture…I was surprised to see its staying power. Amazing!

      They also have a black in this range? :jump: How’s the color pay-off on that? Has anyone reviewed it here?

  2. i too hoard eye pencils..i have a huge collection but even then the minute i see a new shade i jump t buy it ! hehe..same pinch Swati! this is a nice silvery shade…perfect for parties n get togethers.. :-*

  3. Dhanu .. read reviews and note down price and then u shoul go for shopping..we always do the opposite 🙁
    but its a pretty shade and u r gona enjoy it 🙂


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