Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamonds Lip Gloss 10 Pink Ruby Review


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What Maybelline Lip Gloss Claims:-

  •  Glosses to give you the voluptuous dazzling lips you’ve always wanted
  • Hi-shine liquid format for perfectly supple brilliantly shiny lips
  • Available in 15 glamorous shades
  • Price  – Rs 190 for 3ml


Maybelline Watershine Liquid Diamonds in 10 Pink Ruby review

This is “just “the gloss for me! Yes its just perfect! If I’m allowed to take only one lip colour along then this will be it. Its Shiny, Sparkly and the shade is so lovable.

  • Loooove the shade. Fresh innocent lovely PINK
  • Literally liquid diamonds – Its sparkly, shiney, moist, glossy…
  • Beautiful fine golden shimmer
  • The gloss is nicely pigmented and is like a liquid lipstick. A little pigmentation on lips can be seen through it but its so sparkly, it reflects a lot of light and the pigmentation is not so noticeable.
  • Makes my lips fuller!


Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamonds  in 10 Pink Ruby reviews


Swatches of Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamonds


Maybelline Water Shine Liquid Diamonds  in 10 Pink Ruby swatches


  •  The applicator is easy to use
  • It’s a tiny tube, gives a chance to buy often 😉 [I feel stuck when the quantity is lots, feel like I’m wasting so much!]
  • You don’t need to use much of the product, the lesser the better.
  • Can be used by itself or over a lipstick to highlight.
  •  Nice shades available
  • Surprisingly the thing stays on lips for more than 3 hrs. The gloss was gone after 3 hrs or so, but the light pink tint stayed for a long time.


It would suit fair to wheatish skins. There are more shades which would suit all the skin tones I’m sure.

I can’t think of any drawbacks!

It’s one of the best glosses I have come across so far!I’m going to buy this one again and few other shades too!:)


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  1. I luv these watershine ones..i just got a lippy from the range earlier this week and cant believe how moisturising they r..really nice Paddy…we want a lip swatch toooo!!

      • i have been eyeing the lipsticks from this range for a long time. Any recos for medium dark complexion with pigmented lips? I wanna buy two kinds:
        1. one which would be appropriate for daywear. A MLBB kinda color and
        2. anything in bright red or coral

        Please lemme know if you guys have any recos!

        • There’s one color called Buff – I’ll get you the shade no once im back home. It’s a really nice reddish coral, and it stays on my lips for like 4-5hrs even after lunch. They fade out pretty evenly as well.. And there’s one more nude shade called – honey ginger – that’s like the MLBB color, wont show up pretty badly either. If u want a very deep purplish types go for grape – looked pretty odd on me though, one swipe is good, but two will make you look like Rekha =P

        • yes..the lipsticks r also from the watershine range but they dont have the excess shimmer like these glosses do…so the effect is diff but the moisturising effect remains the same..

  2. I gifted this to a friend and trust me she loves it! They have another shade called Choc-Choc – do try it, its awesome 🙂 I haven’t tried licking it though 😉
    These glosses are real value for money, I got one of those nude shades last june with my first month’s salary and i still have it with me, lasts a long time even if used regularly :)!

  3. Prachi, I use very little and spread extremely thin layer on the lips, then it doesn’t look so glittery. looks just like a lipstick

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