Maybelline Watershine Pure Lipstick in C22 Review


When a reputed brand like Maybelline comes with a lippie for just 230 bucks, anyone would be tempted to try it. That’s what happened with me and this lipstick. I do not wear lipsticks generally, but for 230 bucks I was willing to take the plunge. I am really happy with this lipstick.

Maybelline Watershine Pure lipstick in C22 Review

What the Company claims:

  • Wet Shine in a classic lipstick.
  • New Formula with spring water for the freshest wet shine and sheer color.
  • Fresh Moisture for thirsty lips!
  • 10 deliciously fresh shades.

Price: INR 230 for 3.9 gms

Packaging: It comes in a silver packaging which is almost mirror-like and is prone to fingermarks. That being said, I do find the packaging really classy, especially for something that cost a coupla hundred bucks.

Maybelline Watershine Pure lipstick in C22

Color and pigmentation: I wanted a nice light coral to use for everday, so I got this. It’s a warm coral that goes on very sheer, but really brightens up my face. Due to this sheerness, it would nicely suit all complexions. It looks super-duper glossy once applied, so I’d say it’s like a lipgloss in lipstick form. Since there’s no glitter or shimmer, it can easily be used every day even by those just starting with makeup. Now I know why they decided to call these – watershine


Maybelline Watershine Pure lipstick in C22 Swatches

Texture: The texture is so smooth, it glides like a dream. There is no grittiness and it’s a dream to apply! I wouldn’t call this moisturizing, but it’s not drying either. The staying power is really low, not more than 2 hours.

Taste and Smell: I hate lipsticks with strong smell and taste (looking at you Nyx!) so it was a relief to find that this has no discernible smell and taste.


What I like about Maybelline Watershine Pure lipstick in C22:

  • The shade is a warm coral with just a hint of pink. It will brighten up the face.
  • Packaging is really good for the price you pay.
  • Glides smoothly and feels lightweight when applied.
  • Price is sooo tempting.
  • 10 shades available in this range.
  • No smell or taste.
  • Glossy finish.

What I don’t like about Maybelline Watershine Pure lipstick in C22:

  • For me the only con is that it settles in the fine lines and starts looking really bad after a while. I need to use a lipbalm underneath to prevent that.
  • Might be too sheer for those looking to cover pigmentation.
  • Staying power is disappointing. Would not even last a single meal.



  1. i totally luved dis one when i swatched on my arm..but when tried on lips 😐 wish i didnt have pigmented lips..its a beautiful shade swats :-))

  2. I have this and agree…its sooooooooooo me and doesnt settle into the lip lines thats y i like it so much 🙂 🙂

  3. so tempting… but I am holding bac from buying anything for some days now.. had done too much shopping over Dec & Jan.. 🙁 😀


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