Maybelline Watershine Pure MF21 Review & Swatches


Wise She Mega NYX Giveaway Entry 5 by Pradnyaa

I have been looking for Pinks like crazy lately. You’ll know if you see my latest collection… a while ago it was corals, and now I’m searching for Pinks. So many Pinks, and with every Pink I feel, That’s it, this is the One, I need no more! And then again I’m in a mall for some reason and find myself searching for another PINK!!!So I picked up this candy form a mall nearby 🙂
The MRP is 230, and I got 15% off in their sale offer!

The lipstick is supposedly has spring water in it; I donno how it helps make it a better product though, since all the other chemicals and dyes still have to be there!Anyway, It’s a Beautiful Beautiful juicy, glossy, moisturizing pink!!! I wasn’t going to buy from this range after I read a few reviews online saying this was too sheer and not pigmented enough. But To my surprise it wasn’t true, at least about this lippy. This is very nicely pigmented and shiny!!!

Maybelline Watershine Pure MF21 review

There were very few shades to compare with but I din’t need to compare really. I selected it as soon as I saw this one glide so smoothly.The lipstick, though its supposed to be sheer, is nicely pigmented. I have slight spots on lips and this shade is not really dark, but still it shows well on my lips. Yes the tint changed from how it appears on hand and then on lips, since its so sheer, but I still like it.Its very Moisterising, almost like wearing a gloss … actually its in between a Lipstick and gloss but with a good pigmentation.

It shines like a gloss. The smooth texture glides on effortlessly with a non-sticky finish.It doesn’t stay on lips for too long. It wears off in a couple of hours and sooner if you drink or eat. But it leaves a very light tint behind. I personally like lippies that don’t stay too long so I don’t mind reapplying whenever necessary.

Maybelline Watershine Pure MF21 review


Swatches of Maybelline Watershine Pure MF21



Maybelline Watershine Pure MF21 swatches


Yes, it may bleed in fine line of lips since it is so glossy and moisturizing. Either I don’t have such lines or I couldn’t see it on my lips coz the shade is so light. But I did see it happening when I applied it on my wrist for a while. But then again it’s a sheer light shade and won’t show even if it bleeds.

My Recommendations – I think it would be perfect for fair to wheatish  skins. And if you don’t have pigmented lips then it’ll look even fresher!I’m waiting for them to get all the other sahdes – I’m sure to find more subtle Pinks there!   🙂

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    • hi nivedita, which all shades u have? they din’t have many shades when i checked. and did u purchased it recently? i’m wondering if they launched the lipsticks again with more pigmentation ?:-) coz this lippi isn’t as light as i saw in some reviews, almost like a lip balm!

  1. nice colour lloks similar to m31

    i got the watershine pure M31 free with 2 maybelline lipsticks from health n glow in july offer .grt pink colour leaves a tinge of pinck after few hrs which looks natural :ZZZ:

  2. I didn’t want to try the watershine lippies after reading reviews on other blogs but nw after luking at the swatch and ur review am definitely getting this for sure 🙂 Thanks Pradnyaa 🙂

  3. i’ve got m31 in d same range.. n its got gud pigmentation.. its a red color n leaves a pink tint when wears off… but leaks a lot.. using a liner does help..

  4. ya specially d pink tint dat it leaves behind looks so natural…….i rather do touch ups of nude gloss n it looks different….. n ya m all new to all dis n love wat ever u come up wid……..


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