Mayonnaise For Hair – Mayonnaise Hair Treatment


Mayonnaise Hair By Prerana,

Egg  conditions hair the best, all know about it ..,but the smell of egg just don’t go easily! So I tried a variation in hair conditioner with the goodness of eggs through Mayonnaise.
Yes, egg containing mayonnaise is very good conditioner for your hair. Recently I went out of my conditioner and in emergency I thought to try out this recipe which really worked out to be wonderful for me. Mayonnaise contains raw eggs thats why sometimes it is said, pregnant women should avoid mayonnaise. So making a hair conditioner with mayonnaise gives hair all the benefits of eggs without the smell. Here we go with our mayonnaise hair treatment.

Step1 – Take mayonnaise (Mayonnaise which contains egg ) in a bowl (quantity depends upon your hair length). Beat it a little.

Homemade Hair Conditioner Recipe

Step 2 – Squeeze out juice of 1 lemon and add it to the mayonnaise.


Hair Conditioner Recipe

Step3 – Now the third step is optional, if your hair is dry, add 1 small spoon of olive oil to the mayonnaise. If you have normal to oily hair you can afford to skip this step.

Organic hair care homemade tips for hair

Step4 -Stir it well for 2min till it becomes creamy just like your regular conditioner.

Mayonnaise Hair


Step 5.After shampooing, apply it to your hair (only in hair, not in scalp!!) just as you apply your conditioner and rinse it with warm water after 2min..

homemade hair conditioner


Note : (Better results will be obtained if your last rinse is of lemon water rinse)

I hope you liked this recipe, this will definitely benefit you when you want to try something home made or you run out of your conditioner…:)


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  1. i am toh definitely gonna try it… i always want to use egg on hair but as u said just because of the smell i never did that…. thank u thank u prerana…. :-* :-*

  2. Now that u didn’t reply to my comment above, asking you again, how are you doing? Read all the comments, so understood you are at home :-))

  3. Yeah no problem! Your Hyd haa haa :laugh: is good, everybody happy for weekend :-))
    You seem to be so excited & happy to be at Mom’s place. Enjoy :coffee:

  4. Yeah, I was about to ask you the same thing! Agar mai yeh subh khaa leti, tho I couldn’t have even turned or typed, I would have just sat there feeling drowsy :yawn:
    Today you sleep off early, you are usually awake till late in the night.But all the wise she readers will miss u :silly:

    • Ankur, mayonnaise is a creamy oil emulsion and is sold in most of the departmental stores or super markets. Usually used as salad spreads or other stuff :)) You can check out any of the super markets in your city :))

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