Mayonnaise Hair Treatment For Dry & Frizzy Hair


Few days back few of  the readers were discussing about frizzy hair problems and how every one is trying to search for the best product or remedies to get the sleek hair look.I recently got my hair coloured and since then I am making sure that my hair stay healthy and free from any kind of frizz and therefore   thought of sharing a simple home made mask  here.

I was suggested Mayonnaise hair treatment by one of the parlour lady  and I must say it is really working  and my hair are not thirsty for any kind of moisture any more.There are many problems which dry hair faces which includes split ends and hair breakage of course and mayonnaise hair pack can be a good solution of the problem


How Does Mayonnaise help your  hair


Mayonnaise has eggs and oil which gives shine to hair , make them strong and add extra protective layer of moisture.It can be used as many times as  one want as its free from any kind of chemical .I remember when I was 9-10 year old  my mom use to give me mayonnaise hair treatment to get rid of lice.This is because mayonnaise have oil which suffocates the lice and without using those harsh chemical shampoo’s my hair were free from lice.So all mommies who want their kids hair to get rid of lice must try out this pack on them.


Mayonnaise treatment for damaged hair


Hair mask which I am sharing today will particularly suit dry and damaged hair.If you have oily hair then quantity of mayonnaise can be reduced.For shoulder length hair you will need half cup of mayonnaise and one egg.I prefer adding eggs even if mayonnaise contains eggs as one of the ingredient.(If you are a vegetarian you can skip eggs)


Mayonnaise for hair conditioner

Its a simple remedy which doesn’t need much of explanation. All you have to do is

Take mayonnaise in a bowl

How to trest frizzy hair +home made hair pack for frizzy hair

 and add one egg in it.I don’t mind adding egg yolk also.If you can’t tolerate  egg smell than add few drops of essential oil in it.


mayonnaise hair treatment for damaged hair

 Mix both the ingredients and apply it on your hair.Cover your scalp too with the mixture and wear a shower cap .Leave it for half an hour.I generally like to keep my hair masks for one hour atleast albeit it will show result if kept for half an hour as well.

A very interesting thing which you can do is make a cap of a silver foil(the usual food wrapping one) and cover your hair with it.Silver foil will create  mild heat which will make the mayonnaise mask more effective.

hair mayonnaise reviews

Now wash off  hair with usual shampoo and conditioner  and after using it once you will feel the difference.

You can use this pack when ever your hair  feel dry, frizzy or moisture less.There is one more product which I am using current and is very effective is Matrix biolage  moisture masque which I got after Ashu reviewed it here.

Have you tried Mayoonaise on hair?

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  1. Nice one A…m surely gona try this out..I too got the Biolage mask Ashu reviewed..tried it just once but it wrked really nicely…Is the Mayo regime better than that ?

  2. Arey wah ! this is great… i will defffiiinetly gonna try this….
    mere fridge mein mayonnaise rakha hai jise koi use nai karta… :king: :king:
    very good Miks

  3. Very nice tip anamika. Mayo looks like a super duper solution for frizzy hair. I am sure gonna try this!
    Mixture of Methi and Alovera is also a well known and wonderful hair mask. Pls keep us posted with
    many more home made recipes for hair and skin.. 😉

    • methi and aloevera? nice tip..Shilpa wot shud the ratio be? M allergic to aloe so wud it b possible to use lesser aloe and still ensure the packs effectiveness?

        • Sorry for the late reply gals.. My Exams are going on, study study study… :wallbash: …
          yeah methi daana (Fenugreek seeds), What you do is soak 4 to 5 spoons of seeds i the night (depends on the length of hair) morning the quantity will be doubled so be carefull while soaking and while grinding add Aloevera or yogurt and grind. you can also add or neem powdr and amla powder to it after grinding. Now your natural dandruff remover Hair pack is ready. It removes any kind of infection in the scalp too, gives a shine to hair.. Over all Methi is a wonderfull hair treatment i can say … 🙂 Enjoy… 🙂

      • Zara Sorry for the late reply. If you are allergic to Alo add yogurt instead And can make a wonderful hair pack.. I Usually enjoy pamper myself with such stuffs hope u enjoy too :)..

  4. me too…ya i remember yur pic and the article that is hwy i suggested u..u can even try mixing olive oil and honey and use it as a hair is difficult to rinse it off buy yur hair will be silky and smooth .

  5. hey frnds ,
    hi…… i hav very dull hair… curly n maggie like. quite frrizy after wash but gettin oily in 2/3 days due to sweat n all. also due to curls i hav split ends. m jst buzzd off …. i want them to go shiny, managable and lively………pllzzz help….

  6. hey anamica…..!
    i m back at ur site after longer period of tym……….
    today i tried this pack and i have washed my hairs with the areethaaas instead of shampoo and it feeels so gooods………….
    thanx 4 such a lvly tip

  7. 🙂 hi! I hv very rough n dull hair n at d same time my hair is hving lot of splitends…. Can u suggest sum home made pack for me?

  8. hello
    nice informtive article
    … i was thinkin of using this pack but m not sure about the SALT content in mayyo?? becoz in India we dont get SALTLESS MAYYO .. ive been to almost every store in the city lookin for SALTLESS mayyo…. so r u sure the salt will not harm your hair..?? n if u knw any brand which offers saltless mayyo pls let me knw
    thank u so much 🙂


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