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Recently Indian consumer has been flooded with many new cosmetic website which always brings joy and excitement in our lives.All shopaholic will agree on this ! 😛 .Previously I use to check out whether the particular product is available online or not and now I check out which is the most consumer friendly , reliable and discount providing website.

Medplus beauty is one such site which have almost all the brands with them and almost 15,000 products  .Vooo! That is  quite a lot in number.From Body Shop(Yes! you heard me right) , Givenchy, H20, Vichy, Oragnic Surge etc they have it all .You just have to name it and you will find the best of offer ranging from 7 -32% on their site.

They have free shipping on order above INR300 and cash on delivery option for amount above INR 250.

With this they are the first  cosmetics store which have virtual makeover facility.If you want to check out how a particular shade looks on you before making a plunge then using virtual makeover is a great idea.

I tried finding out the foundation shade this way below 🙂


virtual makeover+medplus beauty+online shopping


I purchased following products from them 🙂 and received them  with in  two days of purchase ..yeyeye!

Street wear lipsticks and medplus beauty experience


What I like about


  • Availability of wide variety of products.
  • Free shipping and cash on delivery facility.
  • Virtual makeover facility
  • Friendly customer care
  • Huge discounts
  • Super fast delivery( atleast all Hyderabad girls complaint of late delivery is solved out here 🙂


What I do not like about


  • There cash on delivery is available only in selected cities.
  • I would have loved some small sachet or freebies along with my order


Wise She Rating – 4/5


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I was provided a coupon for the purchase of the products but that has not affected my opinion about the site 








    • haan Paro…wot i luv best is their TBS stuff…so easy t get TBS at discount for ALL the store warna only few things have discount and that too schemes like 10% if u buy multiple pieces..this is so much each product we can get a 10-15% disco..

  1. this site is really awesome…usually it takes 3days for a parcel t reach pune…but i got their parcel within a day of cool is that!

  2. Oh I have shopped with COD from urbantouch,stylecraze and cosmetix.- all of them take minimum of 10-15 days to Pune. I have recently ordered from Med plus and after order confirmation they have disappeared on me. They are not even willing to tell me any reasons or whether my order has been shipped or not. All these websites COD partners[ couriers] i think don’t deliver on time.
    I think because you are bloggers and you promote their websites maybe that’s why they ship to you people early !

    • Zee bee…thats not true at all.. They are not even aware that we r bloggers !
      I got my delievery in 2days from urbantouch and that too on a sunday..which was a very pleasant experience 4 me.

    • Zee..even if we promote then a company services are always imp …sooner or later truth is out..may be u should try contacting them again.

  3. Erica..maybe yours was a good experience ! and maybe they are aware that you are a blogger ..can’t say for sure na. ANyway, I have tried all the sites i mentioned and med plus was the one which disappeared on me not the others. Late ,in fact very late, but i got the products in proper shape from the others. My opinion stands………..not so great on COD for cities outside of websites’s origin/warehouse !

  4. meeee 22 have ordered frm demm twice..pretty satisfied..yeah but dey too take more tym den others..i got mine after 10 days. but d customer care is gud..dey replied instantly :yippee:

  5. We thank you for all the positive feedback and we also wish to apologize for any inconvenience caused to Ms. Zee Bee and Ms. Shivangi. We would like to assure you that all our customers are valuable to us and we would like to serve them in a satisfactory manner. These unfortunate incidents have occurred as we are still in the process of fine tuning our delivery system so kindly bear with us and we do appreciate the feedback you have given us. We will use this feedback to improve our services so please do give us another chance to serve you. In case you have any queries/ complaints/suggestions please do write into our customer care @ [email protected].

    Thank you
    MedPlusBeauty Team

    • Hi, I am a frequent shopper from your website. I love it, the only problem is that The Value plus system is not working. I tried redeeming my points but never it worked out. Hope you get it fixed soon.

    • Dn’t get xcited with all those +ve feed backs…..I’m a regular online shopper & my experience with Medplus is bad & very unprofessional.I had bought $ lipsticks.But 2 of them were age long old dating back to ’08.Those gave a burning sensation whn applied.I tried to call the customer care .One lady answered & told that she would get back with a positive soln.But she never did.After mailing they did contact me & then too smone named “Ram” told me that I dn’t have to mail or call.They would solve the issue within 24 hrs.But that too is 1 week back & still the matter is unsolved.
      So my advise to you all is….Dn’t run after discounts!!!! shop from your local shop & whenever there is a problem you can run to them.& dn’t have to look on other people to solve the problem ,if any.

      • Hi Soma, sorry to read abt your experience..u can read above reader experience too..they had bad bad experience altogether.

  6. Hi MedPlusBeauty Team,

    i just received my package, however, i am DISAPPOINTED with the NYX Long Lash Mascara. The date of Mfg for it is very old, Jan 2010.
    I agree it was on discount, but i would not want to receive goods which are 2 years old!

  7. r u from Hyderabad??? even I shopped with MedPlus and was surprised to get the products the next day :yippee: :yippee:

    looking fwd fr more shopping experience

  8. yesterday i ordered tbs shampoo from medplusbeauty n the customer care guy asked me where i got to know about them. i said…and night i saw ur review…i found the site mu ch more better than any other online shopping site. they have exetnsive options.

  9. And what i really like is their virtual makeup part…although i’m not sure if i will trust it 100% while choosing shades its unique nevertheless..

  10. true Ana.. these guys are good n faster.. i too placed some lip balm orders n got them delivered the very next day… will hv to chk out tat makeover feature sometime 🙂

  11. is it like a rule here that only positive feedback is appreciated or responded to?? I have not had a great experience with MedPlus, and seems like WIseShe doesnt care….

  12. yepp i love this site, i usually shop from this one or or urban touch too.. n nvr had any delivery issues or anything with the products.. online shopping has helped me save a lot of time but increased my kharch lol… it’s so tempting..

  13. @riki
    Only positive reviews are acknowledged at ALL beauty blogs not just wiseshe ! None of the beauty bloggers care because all of them are about marketing, promotional anyways ! more importantly, beauty bloggers can’t really do anything about a bad product or poor customer service faced by aam junta !
    Tell me the last time you read about a spade being called a spade with 100% honesty on most of the beauty blogs !

    • @Zee Bee – I would like to add one thing here. When I placed my orders and requested for new products and told them that I their products was bad, they did not had the slighted clue that I was a blogger. They treated me like a aam janta and still acted upon all of them. You can read than in my blog. After all my products were delivered to me (3 deliveries later), I wrote the review about them and posted the same to their FB page.
      At times even I have felt that people only say the nice part and not something bad that has happened with you then I think because only the nice part has happened to them.
      I just hope you get all your products soon.
      Take care…

      • I agree with you..SD! u really took the words out of my mouth.. V write good stuff becoz we had a good experience not simply becoz we want to praise someone! Thanks for understanding.. U really make so much sense! :hug-makeup: :-))

      • @SD & Anamika:
        I have purchased the 5 eyeshadow palette by Faces from Medplus and the date of import was March 2010 and the expiry is Mar 2013. Received the package yesterday and mailed them today itself, but no reply as of now.
        However, my previous experiences with medplus have always been good so is with stylecraze and urbantouch.
        Would like to know a bit more as to how did you follow up regarding the dated cosmetics.

        Thanks in advance.

  14. Yeah just an update…i called medplus ppl again yesterday ..and guess what delivery was lying with Medplus outlet close to my house these so many days and they tell me yesterday ! Lack of communication between customer care and delivery ppl !
    Moreover the guys delivered my product in a plastic bag which was just stapled and they took my bill asking me to sign .So now ,i am without the bill .i received my lipstick intact but the packaging was flimsy. What if it had broken !
    Please guys – do something about your packaging ! Its not foolproof !

  15. Anamika, you follow your blog policy and your promotional commitments and that’s ok. What i was telling riki is only a positive comments are acknowledged on any beauty blog[ not necessarily only yours] by blogger fraternity.The first reaction of Erica was…..’that’s not true’ . Why would me or anyone lie when they are paying money for the product ? i have seen only very very few negative comments on any blog..whether be it a product or abt anything else. Where are all the brickbats ? There are no discussions on that especially when only 1-2 ppl actually write in their disappointments.
    Since you had a bad experience with the sites you mentioned you talked about it same like me !However, i would like to see even more transparent reviews especially on products. i don’t want the positive spin on any products at the end of review. Just the user’s actual real experience !

    As an aside, Medplus is i’m sure in nascent stages however even though they apologized here ..they didn’t really write to me or tried to contact me. It was me who contacted them thinking this is the last time i’ll call them and see what happens ! This incident only makes me more adamant to use COD only.

  16. I’ve had pleasant experiences with medplusbeauty. I ordered few products and got it next day.
    My products were delivered to Medplus pharmacy in my road.
    That pharmacy guy dropped the products to my house.

  17. I had a month long experience with these people but I was happy with them. I was not happy with one of the products and they replaced with no further question. When I requested them to include few products from Body Shop, they even procured it just for me! I was really happy with that. Sad that people had bad experiences…

  18. We are thankful to people for their suggestions and we are noting down your complaints. As ZeeBee rightly said we are still in the nascent stage and we need to work on several points and we are doing that. Having said that you cannot deny that we do offer a vast range of products at excellent prices. So please do keep visiting our website and keep shopping with us. If you have any queries/suggestions/requests/ complaints please do write in to us at [email protected] or visit our Facebook page – 🙂

    • A warm hello to the Medplus team…I was about to order some products and then I went through these reviews..So am hesitating a bit..Will I get products dated a year or 2 back? That’s really not done.we all know how important is for us to use fresh cosmetics..I do agree that the discounts you offer are really fab but that cannot take over if you deliver old products…So being a new customer I really need assurance. and I hope many of us do…
      Thank You

  19. I had already ordered 2 times from medplus beauty, This was the first time when I was purchasing something online and was not sure abt service, But to my surprise I got all the products on the same day!!! Can you imagine??? :tap-dance: :tap-dance: :tap-dance: !!Products are authentic, in good condition and super fast delivery with tempting discounts, what else we can ask for 🙂

  20. Medplusbeauty has large variety of products, but they took around 10 days to deliver my order.. 🙁 and the packaging was not good at all.. Also, they didnt mailed me my shipping details, i had to call them up for that.

  21. I’ve been following your blog for quite sometime now (one of my sources for decision making scenarios when it comes to buying makeup). Somehow I have faced this situation that ZeeBee is facing with MedPlus. No doubt their customer support is nice. They are responsive (although the ones which say I will get back in an hour and never do tick me off, rare cases), and make the efforts to get you the information you require.
    Their team in the warehouse however is PATHETIC. So many muff ups that this time I have finally called it quits with Medplus.

    The first time they sent my courier to a different city. When I called their excuse was that the courier company didn’t have a branch in my city! Umm, so send it through another courier provider, not to another city!! I know its not entirely their fault that the courier company messed up, but its their job to know if the courier company delivers to my city and to chose the apt provider for my area. And honestly, from Hyderabad to Visakhapatnam there are millions of courier service providers (well, maybe not a million, but you get the hang of it)

    The second time after having waited for 2 weeks of trying to track my order they say they have shipped it and I just have to wait. The moment I ask for refund, I am immediately refunded. This means they never shipped it. What were they asking me to wait for? Christmas?

    Just recently, after placing an order within two days I received the consignment. And I was actually seeing stars to think that they sent something so fast. But upon opening the package, I realised that I had received the wrong products (imagine my horror when I open a box expecting eyeliners and find condoms instead, in my office! – NIGHTMARE, and very red ears and cheeks! Its not funny trying to convince the colleagues that the order was messed up and you didn’t order condoms) I am still waiting for my package to arrive after returning the wrong order. Also they refused to ship the correct order till the wrong one was checked and clarified by their team. Really? I trust you and use my card online still get played for the products, and you think I am going to lie to you about getting a wrong order? Apparently it was supposed to have reached my yesterday but wont, given their reputation of time keeping, until Friday (I HOPE!).

    Unless you have ample amount of time and a lot of credit in your phone and you enjoy yelling at random strangers on the phone, do not waste your time with MedPlus. It simply gives you high BP and a lot of frustration. Its just my opinion. And advice.

    The only thing Im happy about is that they have their customer service till 11pm and work on Saturdays!
    Maybe I should stick to COD because when they dont have the money with them, it acts like an incentive for them to deliver earlier (or atleast on time).

    My go-to online shops for cosms are UrbanTouch and ASOS.

    Long live ASOS.

  22. Medplus beauty is highly unprofessional. Customer care is normally helpless. there is no credibility and I received my product in a leaky state! Takes ages to deliver the product. Highly unethical. Unless you’re in hyderabad I would never recommend this site. rather stick to urbantouch.


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